Courageous Conversations: One-on-One

Thursday, August 11, 2022
Discuss important social issues with your political opposite in this facilitated one-on-one session of Courageous Conversations, where respectful, open talking and listening about important topics are taught through practice.

August 11, 2022

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Thursday, August 11, 2022
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Berlin-Peck Memorial Library

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    Are you concerned about how polarized our politics have become? Are you interested in talking about our society’s important issues with someone from another political party and promoting more connection and understanding? This is your opportunity to practice open, respectful listening and conversation skills in a one-on-one format and develop skills that you can bring to personal interactions when disagreement arises.

    After you fill out the registration questionnaire, we will match you with someone who is your political opposite (or closest to it) and assign you a conversation topic from the possible topics you select. Each conversation will be moderated by our Courageous Conversation facilitators and will operate using our conversation agreements.



      1 - Extremely Conservative2345678910 - Extremely Liberal


      What are Courageous Conversations?

      Courageous Conversations is a small-group discussion series that will provide an opportunity for people of all backgrounds and viewpoints to discuss important local, cultural, social, and political issues in a safe environment where differing opinions, patient listening, and respectful discussion are welcomed as a necessary part of building connection with others and identifying shared values. Participants may be asked to read short articles, books, or listen to podcasts prior to the meetings and will be asked to abide by our shared discussion guidelines.

      Library staff will facilitate the conversations and ensure that all participants have the opportunity to share in the discussion.

      The event is in person and attendance space is limited; please remember to register.


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