Library Policies

Berlin-Peck Memorial Library policies. Please contact the library with any questions.


Library Board policy as of September 6, 2000, revised November 14, 2007, December 12, 2007, July 14, 2010, September 8, 2010 and October 10, 2012.

  1. Overdue fine rates are:
    • $.05 a day – children’s materials
    • $.15 a day – adult materials
    • $1.00 a day – children’s and adult dvds, and adult CD-ROMs, fast-track books, games
    • $10.00 a day – museum passes
  2. The maximum overdue fine for any single item is $5.00, except museum passes are a maximum of $50.00.
  3. Once the fine limit of $10.00 is reached, the patron is prevented from borrowing any other library materials.
  4. The Berlin-Peck Memorial Library will not accept any bills larger than $20.00. Checks will be accepted. Any returned checks will be assessed a fee of $20.00. Checks will not be accepted for photocopier fees. Staff, when possible, will review the patron’s driver’s license, and write down the number on the check.
  5. When a patron has 2 or more items ten months overdue, or the total replacement cost of the items is over $50.00, or the patron address is unknown, then a collection agency may be used. The patron will pay both the collection agency fees and the library fees (either the library overdue fines or the replacement costs).