Binge Boxes

Feel like spending the day binge-watching movies? Pick up a Binge Box and enjoy some free popcorn!

What is a Binge Box?

A Binge Box is a themed collection of movies, providing hours of entertainment, in an easy-to-carry box. Perfect for sleepovers, rainy days, or family staycations, we have a Binge Box for every taste and age. Binge boxes feature categories like The Dating Game, Adrenaline Rush, Classic Comedy, Accidentally in Love, Cry Your Eyes Out, Classics, and many more. And each box comes with free popcorn!

Binge Box Collection

Borrowing Limits

  • 1 week loan period
  • 2 renewals
  • Must be picked up and returned in person to Berlin-Peck
  • Cannot be returned in book drop

Lost or Damaged Items

Borrowers will be charged for lost, dirty, or damaged items. Replacement costs may vary. Because we want to keep items in good working order, they cannot be returned in the book drop. If the item is returned in the book drop, the borrower will be held responsible for the damage and the replacement cost.

Case Replacement Cost $8.00
DVD Replacement Cost Cost of DVD