Books for Native American Heritage Month

Learn about Native American history and hear the voices of Native Americans.

November 2, 2023

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The Rediscovery Of America by Ned Blackhawk

The Rediscovery Of America
Native Peoples And The Unmaking Of Us History

Ned Blackhawk

A sweeping and overdue retelling of U.S. history recognizes that Native Americans are essential to understanding the evolution of modern America.


Venco by Cherie Dimaline


Cherie Dimaline

An incredibly inventive, highly anticipated second adult novel–with witches, magic, and a road trip through America–from Cherie Dimaline, the critically acclaimed author of Empire of Wild.

Bad Cree by Jessica Johns

Bad Cree

Jessica Johns

A young Cree woman is tormented by vivid dreams from before her sister’s untimely death and wakes up with a severed crow’s head in her hands before returning to her rural hometown in Alberta seeking answers.

Don't Fear The Reaper by Stephen Graham Jones

Don’t Fear The Reaper

Stephen Graham Jones

Returning to rural Proofrock after being released from prison, Jade Daniels runs afoul of a convicted serial killer, who escapes from a prison transfer in a blizzard, in the second novel of the series following My Heart is a Chainsaw.

Blood Sisters by Vanessa Lillie

Blood Sisters

Vanessa Lillie

Returning to her Oklahoma hometown when her sister goes missing, an archeologist for the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Syd Walker, digs into the case, uncovering a string of missing Indigenous women cases going back decades and must expose a darkness in the town that no one wants to face.

Stealing by Margaret Verble


Margaret Verble

In the 1950s, strong-willed and shrewd Kit Crockett, ripped from her home and Cherokee family and sent to a religious boarding school, she, along with the other Native students, is stripped of her heritage, force-fed Christian indoctrination and is sexually abused until she decides to fight back.

Sisters Of The Lost Nation by Nick Medina

Sisters Of The Lost Nation

Nick Medina

As girls start going missing amidst strange and sinister happenings in the reservation’s casino, including her little sister, Anna Horn, an outcast struggling with her place on the rez, must confront demons old and new as she hunts for answers.

The Berry Pickers by Amanda Peters

The Berry Pickers

Amanda Peters

Growing up as the only child of affluent and overprotective parents, Norma, troubled by recurring dreams and visions that seem more like memories than imagination, searches for the truth, leading her to the blueberry fields of Maine, where a family secret is finally revealed.

A Council Of Dolls by Mona Susan Power

A Council Of Dolls

Mona Susan Power

Details the story of three women from different generations, told through the stories of the dolls they carried in 1888, 1925 and 1961 bringing to light the damage done to indigenous people through history.

Night Of The Living Rez by Morgan Talty

Night Of The Living Rez

Morgan Talty

Set in a Native community in Maine, Night of the Living Rez is a riveting debut collection about what it means to be Penobscot in the twenty-first century and what it means to live, to survive, and to persevere after tragedy. In twelve striking, luminescent stories, author Morgan Talty-with searing humor, abiding compassion, and deep insight-breathes life into tales of family and a community as they struggle with a painful past and an uncertain future