Meeting Rooms

Hold your meeting at the library. Available by reservation only. Fees vary depending on room.

The library has two public meeting rooms that can be rented during regular library hours. These rooms are used for library programming, and will be unavailable during those times. Fundraisers or sales are not allowed, except for library and town sponsored events. To make a reservation, call 860-828-7128 or submit your request below.

Meeting Rooms Policy

Marjorie Moore
Board Room

Medium sized room with one long table, eleven chairs, and a wall-mounted television.

Seating Capacity
10-14 people
In-town Groups
Out-of-town Groups

Smart TV

  • 48″ screen
  • 1080p Full HD
  • HDMI connector
  • Wi-Fi

Easily connect HDMI or Wi-Fi enabled devices, like laptops and smart phones.

Blanche Johnson Delaney
Large Meeting Room

Large room with windows, movable tables and chairs, and a projector screen.

Seating Capacity
126 people
96 people with chairs
56 people with tables
In-town Groups
$80.00 whole day
$50.00 up to ½ day
Out-of-town Groups
$100.00 whole day
$60.00 up to ½ day


Meeting Room Rules

A clean-up fee of $25 may be assessed if rooms are left in a state of disarray.

AV equipment includes overhead projector with HDMI or VGA hookups, handheld microphone, wireless microphone, AV cart, and assisted hearing devices.

The kitchen is a full kitchen, including sink, stove, oven, microwave, and refrigerator. It does not include utensils, kitchen tools, pots and pans, coffee urns, trays, or any other equipment.

To request a room reservation, download and complete the Room Reservation & Rental Agreement Form, including signature. Mail or hand-carry the completed form to the library, or email a scanned copy to

For more information, call 860-828-7128 or email

Room Reservation & Rental Agreement Form (PDF)