Little extras and features of the library.

COVID-19 Alert

Limited Service

To contain the spread of COVID-19, the library lobby is OPEN FOR LIMITED SERVICE.
Click to learn more about limited lobby services.

WiFi is AVAILABLE outside the library, or in a study room by appointment.

Coffee, power/charging, and elevator access are NOT AVAILABLE.


The Friends of the Library provides us with a Keurig coffee machine for public use. We have a variety of flavors for purchase, all for $1 or less.


The library offers free wireless internet.

Wireless Policy


Standard electrical outlets are available throughout the library for your charging needs. Please bring your own charger.


Our new elevator allows patrons easy access to the Handicap Accessible parking near the community center. The elevator will only be in operation when both the community center and the library are open. Elevator hours may be affected by the community center’s schedule.

COVID-19 Alert

The elevator will be OUT OF SERVICE until the Library and Community Center return to normal service.