Library of Things

Libraries are more than just books! Check out some of our non-traditional collections.

Library Hotspots

No internet access at home? Going on a vacation? Borrow a Wi-Fi hotspot for free, portable, wireless internet access.

Board Games

Board games promote literacy, critical thinking skills, provide an interactive experience—and best of all, they're fun!

Lawn Games

Enjoy outdoor fun with one of these fun outdoor games!

Portable Movie Projector

Watch movies anywhere with this portable projector and screen.

Cake Pans

Baking something special? Check out a cake pan!

Memory Kits

Books and activities to help caregivers connect with their loved ones.

Engraver Pens

Personalize nearly anything! Works on most surfaces: wood, metal, glass, leather, plastic.

Light Pad

Illuminate paper for tracing photos, calligraphy, scrapbooking, viewing film negatives, and more.

Hot Glue Gun

Borrow a hot glue gun—a crafter's best friend!

Seed Library

Encouraging the tradition of seed saving, nurturing locally-adapted plant varieties, and fostering a community culture of sharing.

Kill-a-Watt Electricity Monitor

Determine how much electricity your appliances are using—so you know how much they costs to use!

External Floppy Drive

Need to recover data from an old floppy disc? Borrow a floppy drive!

External DVD Player

No DVD player in your laptop? Borrow one!

Binge Boxes

Feel like spending the day binge-watching movies? Pick up a Binge Box and enjoy some free popcorn!


Broad spectrum lights that may help improve your mood, increase energy, and fight seasonal affective disorder.

Museum Passes

Discover what Connecticut has to offer with free and discount passes to museums, zoos, parks, and other activities.

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