Library of Things

Libraries are more than just books! Check out some of our non-traditional collections.

Light Pad

Illuminate paper for tracing photos, calligraphy, scrapbooking, viewing film negatives, and more.

Library HotSpots

No internet access at home? Going on a vacation? Borrow a Wi-Fi hotspot for free, portable, wireless internet access.

Binge Boxes

Feel like spending the day binge-watching movies? Pick up a Binge Box and enjoy some free popcorn!

Cake Pans

Baking something special? Check out a cake pan!

Seed Library

Encouraging the tradition of seed saving, nurturing locally-adapted plant varieties, and fostering a community culture of sharing.


Broad spectrum lights that may help improve your mood, increase energy, and fight seasonal affective disorder.

Engraver Pens

Personalize nearly anything! Works on most surfaces: wood, metal, glass, leather, plastic.