Kill-a-Watt Electricity Monitor

Determine how much electricity your appliances are using—so you know how much they costs to use!

How much energy are your appliances using?

The Kill-a-Watt electricity usage monitor lets you determine how much electricity an appliance is using—so you know how much money it costs to use! It displays voltage, current, watts, kilowatt hours, frequency, volt amps, power factor, and elapsed time.

To reserve by phone, call 860-828-7125.


Borrowing Rules

The electricity monitor can be borrowed just like a book.

  • 1 week loan period
  • Cannot be renewed
  • Must be picked up and returned in person to Berlin-Peck
  • Cannot be returned in book drop

Loss or Damage

Borrowers will be charged for lost, dirty, or damaged items. Because we want to keep items in good working order, they cannot be returned in the book drop. If the item is returned in the book drop, the borrower will be held responsible for the damage and the replacement cost.

To prevent damage, DO NOT return this item in the book drop.

Replacement Cost $40.00