Study Rooms

Study alone or meet with a small group. Reserve a room for two hours, up to one week in advance.

The library has four study rooms available at no charge. Study rooms fit up to five people and include a whiteboard.

Study rooms may be reserved for 2 hours per day, up to a week in advance. Otherwise they are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once your 2 hours are over, you may stay longer as long as no one else needs the room; a librarian will notify you if the room is needed for another patron.

To reserve a room, visit the Reference Desk, call 860-828-7126, or email

The library has a few other areas that are good for studying, including several large tables in the middle of the library and high-tops by the windows.

Study Rooms Policy

Study Rooms 1-3

Study room with one table and five chairs

Seating Capacity
1-5 people, round table
Time Limit
2 hours per day
may be extended if room is free

Study Room 4

Study room #4 with three chairs and a long countertop

Seating Capacity
1-4 people, counter seating
Time Limit
2 hours per day
may be extended if room is free

LCD Magnifier Screen

  • Magnifies up to 85x
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Color options
  • Easy zoom knob
  • Auto focus


Study Room Rules

We do have a few rules to give everyone a fair chance to use a study room.

Sign In at the Reference Desk

  • When you arrive, please visit the Reference Desk to sign in.
  • If you haven’t signed in, and someone else requests the room, we will assume you’ve been in the room for the maximum amount of time.

2-Hour Time Limit

  • You may use a room for up to 2 hours per day.
  • After 2 hours, you may be asked to leave the room if another patron is waiting.
  • You may stay in a room past your 2 hours if no one else is waiting.


  • You may reserve a room up to a week in advance; otherwise, rooms are first come, first served.
  • Your 2 hours begin at your reserved time, not when you arrive. If you need to change your reservation time, please call in advance.
  • Your reservation is for a time slot, not a specific room. We will try to accommodate your preference, but will not ask another patron to vacate your requested room if another room is unoccupied.
  • No-show reservations will be canceled after 15 minutes.


  • Please do not leave a mess in the study room.
  • Please keep noise to a minimum; rooms are not soundproof.
  • Please bring any study room issues or conflicts to a staff member.