Lawn Games

Enjoy outdoor fun with one of these fun outdoor games!

Outdoor Fun

Did you know the Library has lawn games? Liven up your next outdoor party by borrowing a croquet set or ring toss!

List of Available Lawn Games

Borrowing Limits

Lawn games can be borrowed just like books. You can even place holds in the online catalog!

  • 3 week loan period
  • 2 renewals
  • Must be picked up and returned in person to Berlin-Peck
  • Cannot be returned in book drop


Lost or Damaged Items

Borrowers will be charged for lost, dirty, or damaged items. Replacement costs may vary. Because we want to keep items in good working order, they cannot be returned in the book drop. If the item is returned in the book drop, the borrower will be held responsible for the damage and the replacement cost.

Missing pieces can ruin the game! Please check (and double-check) that every item is back in the bag or carrying case provided by the library. You may be charged the full price of the game if pieces are missing.

Bocce Replacement Cost $39.99
Cornhole Replacement Cost $127.67
Croquet Replacement Cost $54.99
Ring Toss Replacement Cost $29.97

Available Games

Ring Toss
Ring Toss