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Discover books based on genre, subjects, themes, read-alikes, and more.


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The newest teen books at the Berlin-Peck Memorial Library!


Teen Book Lists

Find books to help with difficult topics like bullying, death and grief, divorce, puberty and sex education.


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Prepare for college and college-level tests with prep books, guides, and more.


Digital Literacy

Learn about all things digital, including careers, communication, cyberbullying and safety, privacy and digital ethics, gaming, search and research skills social networking, and other tools for the digital age.


Driving Test Practice

Download the CT DRiver’s Handbook and practice for the DMV test.


Financial Literacy

Learn about all things finance, including entrepreneurship and career skills, the market economy, money and financial institutions, personal finance, the role of government, trade and the global economy.


Teen Health & Wellness

Learn about health and wellness for teen, including body basics; developmental disabilities and disorders; diseases, infections, and conditions; diversity; drugs and alcohol; eating disorders; family life; friendship and dating; green living; grief and loss; mind, mood, and emotions; nutrition, fitness, and appearance; safety; sexuality and sexual health; and skills for school, work, and life.


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Fun events for teens at the Berlin-Peck Memorial Library.


Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteer Opportunities

Want to help your community, but don’t know how? Volunteer @ the Library!