In an effort to support continuing education, lifelong learning and as a public service, the Berlin-Peck Memorial Library offers proctoring services for students who need to take exams.

Proctoring Policy


Exam proctoring is available during regular library hours depending on availability. Exam must be completed at least 30 minutes before the library’s closing. We encourage you to make an appointment at least one week before the required test date.

Exam proctoring fees are $25.00 per test, which is waived for residents of Berlin, East Berlin, and Kensington. The proctor fee must be paid at the time the exam is taken. The library can only accept cash at this time.

Attn: Reference Department
Berlin-Peck Memorial Library
234 Kensington Road
Berlin, CT 06037

Before the exam

Please contact your institution ensure the library’s facilities are adequate to your needs, and to make arrangements for the exam to be delivered.

  • Verify that the library’s resources are adequate for your exam.
  • The library does not proctor exams by constantly observing students during exams. Contact your institution to verify that you do not need to be continuously monitored by staff.
  • The library does not allow the installation of any software on library computers. If special software is required to complete the exam, you must use your own laptop.
  • Make arrangements with your institution to ensure that the exam and/or login instructions arrive at the library prior to the scheduled exam time.

During the exam

Please make sure to bring:

  • Valid driver’s license or photo ID for verification of identity
  • Any supplies necessary to take the exam
  • Exam proctoring fees ($25.00) unless resident

“Fine print”

The library will not proctor an exam for which the signature of only one designated person is required.

Library staff will not sign any statement required by the educational institution inconsistent with our procedures or with how tests are administered.

Library staff may refuse to proctor an exam that is too burdensome or exacting in its demands.

The library is not responsible if the institution or library website, email, or internet access are not working.

The library is not responsible for exams that are lost by the postal system or electronically.

The library is not in any way responsible for a student’s performance on a test, even if conditions are not optimal for test-taking.

The library does not keep copies of completed exams.