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Have some time to spare? Enjoy these fun links!

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Make learning fun with a variety of educational computer games for kids. Learn new skills and improve old ones in areas such as math, language arts, and typing.

This is a great history site for primary grades to learn basic information about a few specific periods in history and the people of the era. This visual site does a great job of including timelines and biographical information in a way that younger learners can understand and enjoy. The website is designed like a toybox and will allow children to really “explore” the different topics.

In a safe environment, discover the rules and strategies of chess. Improve your game, memorize skills, patience and sportsmanship with free online games, tournaments and club matches with kids around the world.

Play Eco-Games, learn about conservation, meet and share with kids from all over the planet.

Who ever thought learning math could be so much fun? Test your math skills with these fun and interesting games. Includes some teacher and parenting resources.

Similar to the Highlights magazine, this site offers fun stories, “Hidden Pictures” “Games and Giggles” science articles, and jokes. In addition, there is a daily update on “what happened in history on this date.” Viewers can e-mail editors. Includes a privacy policy and “Safe surfing tips”.

PBS Kids

Solve science puzzles, do your own scientific investigations, or learn more about what scientists do on the job.

Play animal games, solve animal puzzles, take a guided tour, and join a zoo quest while you make new animals at this virtual zoo.