Loans & Fees

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Get a Library Card

Getting a library card is easy—and free!

Berlin-Peck Memorial Library cards are available for all residents of Berlin, East Berlin, and Kensington.

Adults: Bring in your driver’s license (or other identification) showing your Berlin, East Berlin, or Kensington address. If your current address is not on your license, please bring in a lease, car registration, or utility bill showing your name and address.

Children: Children must have a parent’s signature on the application form and one piece of parent’s identification with home address. Children entering grade 7 may request an adult library card.

Businesses: Local businesses are eligible for their own library card, with access to the library’s online services, databases, and downloadables. Physical items like books and DVDs cannot be borrowed with a business library card.

Library cards expire after 3 years. Renew for free—just bring in your identification so we can double-check your address!

Library Card Policy
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Lost/Stolen Cards

There is a $1 charge for a replacement library card if it is lost or stolen. A replacement card will not be issued to anyone with outstanding fines. If your library card has expired, we will give you a new one for free.

If you suspect your card has been stolen, notify the library immediately so that we can issue you a new library card number.


Not a Berlin Resident?

We lend to anyone with a current Connecticut library card!

  • Visit your home library to get your library card.
  • If your home library belongs to the Library Connection Inc. (LCI) consortium, you can use your card immediately.
  • If you belong to another Connecticut library, we just need to add you to our system. Please visit the Circulation Desk with your library card and driver’s license with your current address.

We can only provide digital materials (ebooks, audiobooks, etc.) and other online databases to patrons with a Berlin-Peck Memorial Library card.


Fines & Fees

Replacement fees may be paid with cash or check. You can pay amounts above $5.00 with credit/debit online by visiting My Account.

Accounts owing $25.00 or more will be restricted from borrowing library materials.


No Overdue Fines

As of December 1, 2021, Berlin-Peck Memorial Library is fine free!

As long as you check out at the Berlin-Peck Memorial Library, you will not be charged overdue fines. That means you need to visit the Berlin-Peck Memorial Library for your items to be fine free. This includes services like homebound delivery and curbside pickup. We must respect the loan rules of other libraries, so items checked out anywhere outside the Berlin-Peck Memorial Library may still receive overdue fines.

You will still be responsible for the following fines and fees:

  • Replacement fees for lost or damaged items
  • Overdue fines for items checked out at other libraries
    • Even if those items are owned by Berlin-Peck
    • Even if you are Berlin-Peck patron

If your item is overdue for more than 30 days, then it will be assumed lost and you will be charged the full replacement cost of the item. This charge will be waived in full when the item is returned.

Fine Free FAQ
Fines Policy


Lost or Damaged Items

If an item is lost or damaged, you will be responsible for the cost of replacing the item. Once the replacement fee has been paid, this money is non-refundable. If you have a lost or damaged item, please do not purchase a replacement copy on your own. The Library does not accept replacement copies.

Replacement cost is calculated for items as:

  • In print: the list price of the item
  • Out of print: average list price for the type of material

Bill for Replacement Policy


Borrowing Rules

These rules describe how long you can keep an item (loan period), whether you can extend your time (renewals), and whether you can put yourself on a waiting list for the item (holds).

Loan Periods and Limits Policy
Returns Policy

Item Loan Period Renewals Holds
Non-fiction DVDs
Music CDs
3 weeks 2 renewals Allowed
Lucky Day Books 3 weeks No renewals No holds
Fiction DVDs
Video Games
1 week 2 renewals Allowed


Museum Passes

Nearly all of our museum passes are printable and do not need to be returned.

If a returnable pass is lost or damaged, you are responsible for the replacement cost. Some passes can cost $150-250 or more.

Item Loan Period Renewals Holds
Returnable Museum Passes 12:00 noon the next day No renewals Allowed
Printable Museum Passes No need to return No renewals Allowed


Library of Things

Items in our Library of Things are often large, oddly shaped, or delicate. To prevent damage, they must be returned at the front desk inside the Berlin-Peck Memorial Library. They must not be returned in the book-drop or returned at another library.

If a Library of Things item is damaged because it was returned in the book-drop, you will be responsible for the cost of replacement.

If a Library of Things item is returned at another library, the library will either reject the item or hold it until you come pick it up. It will be considered to be in your possession during this time, and you will be responsible for the cost of replacement if an item is lost or damaged during this process.

Please take special care to return all pieces of a board game. It is not always possible to replace individual game pieces. We will try our best to source replacement pieces, but if it is not possible, you may be responsible for the full cost of the game.

Item Loan Period Renewals Holds Additional Limits
Wi-Fi Hotspots 2 weeks No renewals Berlin patrons only Berlin patrons only
One per household per 60 days
Must be returned to Berlin-Peck
Cannot be returned in the book-drop
Happy Lights
Light Pads
Memory Kits
Engraver Pens
Cake Pans
Binge Boxes
1 week 2 renewals Berlin patrons only Must be returned to Berlin-Peck
Cannot be returned in the book-drop
Board Games
Lawn Games
3 weeks 2 renewals Berlin patrons only Must be returned to Berlin-Peck
Cannot be returned in the book-drop



Looking for an item that isn’t on the shelf at the moment, or even an item from another library? You can place a hold and we’ll let you know when it arrives. Holds take about a week to arrive. To place a hold, log in to the catalog, stop by the desk, or call (860) 828-7126. There is no charge to place a hold.

If we have your email address in our system, we’ll send you a notice when your item is available for pickup—otherwise, we’ll give you a call. We keep items on hold for one week.


Courtesy Renewals

Not finished yet? We’ll give you more time!

As long as your item is eligible for renewal, the Library will automatically renew it for you. Renewals happen a few days before the due date. You will receive an email that says “Courtesy Renewals” if your item has been renewed, or “Library Items Due Soon” if it has not been renewed.

There are a few reasons that an item may not be eligible for renewal:

  • Some items cannot be renewed
  • Items cannot be renewed more than twice
  • Items cannot be renewed if another patron has a hold on that item
  • It is too early to renew

Renewals Policy


Inter-Library Loans

Connecticut’s BorrowIT service allows us to share our materials with libraries all over the state! Items available from other libraries in our consortium, Library Connections Inc. (LCI), can be found and easily reserved using Berlin-Peck’s online catalog. To reserve items that are not available from any libraries in our catalog, call (860) 828-7126 or visit the desk. In most cases, you’ll be able to pick up your items here at Berlin-Peck.

Inter-library loans are treated like holds. If we have your email address in our system, we’ll send you a notice when your item is available for pickup—otherwise, we’ll give you a call. We keep items on hold for one week.

You can also return our materials to any Connecticut library, or return materials from other libraries here (unless otherwise specified).

Inter-Library Loans Policy