Library Policies
Loan Periods and Limits

Library Board policy as of February 13, 2002. Revised October 2002; March 10, 2004; December 12, 2007; July 14, 2010; September 8, 2010.

Policies > Loan Periods and Limits
  1. Loan periods are:
    • 3 weeks: Adult and children’s materials, Adult videos, Children’s videos, Children’s CD-ROMs
    • 1 week: Children’s encyclopedias, Adult computer CD-ROMs, Holiday picturebooks (as noted below), Adult fast track books, Children and adult DVDs, E-books, Adult magazines, Games
    • 3 days: Museum passes
  2. Patrons are limited to the following:
    • Holiday picturebooks (2 per family)
    • Adult fast-track book (1)
    • Museum pass (1)
    • Games (2)
  3. Holiday picturebooks will be limited for four-to-six weeks before the holiday. Holiday picturebooks may be limited to two books per family for a loan period of one week. The restriction is removed as soon as staff is able to after the holiday.
  4. When a great demand for a specific subject is determined, then staff may limit a patron to 2 items or limit the items to in-library use only.