Hot Glue Gun

Borrow a hot glue gun—a crafter's best friend!

Get Crafty!

Borrow one of the library’s hot glue guns for your next craft project! The glue gun comes with one large glue stick for your use.

Place a Hold

Borrowing Limits

Glue guns can be borrowed just like books. You can even place holds in the online catalog!

  • 1 week loan period
  • 1 renewal
  • Must be picked up and returned in person to Berlin-Peck
  • Cannot be returned in book drop

Lost or Damaged Items

Borrowers will be charged for lost, dirty, or damaged items. Replacement costs may vary. Because we want to keep items in good working order, they cannot be returned in the book drop. If the item is returned in the book drop, the borrower will be held responsible for the damage and the replacement cost.

Glue Gun Replacement Cost $15.00