Anti-Valentines Day Books

Books to make you happy you’re single, help you get over a breakup, and more!

January 31, 2023

Novels to Make You Happy You’re Single

The Last Mrs Parrish by Liv Constantine

The Last Mrs Parrish

Liv Constantine

A coolly manipulative woman worms her way into the lives of a wealthy golden couple from Connecticut as part of her plot to achieve a privileged life, unveiling dark secrets along the way.

The Divorce Party by Laura Dave

The Divorce Party

Laura Dave

Hosting a divorce party on what would have been their thirty-fifth anniversary, amicably separated spouses Gwyn and Thomas Huntington unexpectedly toast their son’s engagement to a young woman who inadvertently discovers unsettling secrets about the man she is to marry.

The Girl Before by JP Delaney

The Girl Before

JP Delaney

Seizing a unique opportunity to rent a one-of-a-kind house, a damaged young woman falls in love with the enigmatic architect who designed the residence, unaware that she is following in the footsteps of a doomed former tenant.

This Is How You Lose Her by Junot Diaz

This Is How You Lose Her

Junot Diaz

Presents a collection of stories that explores the heartbreak and radiance of love as it is shaped by passion, betrayal, and the echoes of intimacy.

Apple Tree Yard by Louise Doughty

Apple Tree Yard

Louise Doughty

Sitting in a courtroom after being charged with murder, a geneticist and happily married mother of two reflects on her affair with a secret lover who claimed a connection to the British government and who seduced her with an irresistible combination of sexual power, justice and revenge.

My Lovely Wife by Samantha Downing

My Lovely Wife

Samantha Downing

A seemingly typical suburban husband discloses the secret ways that he and his wife of fifteen years keep their marriage alive and chase away domestic boredom by orchestrating creative ways to get away with murder.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Gone Girl

Gillian Flynn

When a woman goes missing on her fifth wedding anniversary, her diary reveals hidden turmoil in her marriage, while her husband, desperate to clear himself of suspicion, realizes that something more disturbing than murder may have occurred.

Our Kind Of Cruelty by Araminta Hall

Our Kind Of Cruelty

Araminta Hall

A less-than-reliable male narrator describes his emergence from a brutal childhood and devotion to the happiness of a woman who he believes is not returning his calls because she is playing games with him and only pretending to be getting married to someone else.

The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins

The Girl On The Train

Paula Hawkins

Obsessively watching a breakfasting couple every day to escape the pain of her losses, Rachel witnesses a shocking event that inextricably entangles her in the lives of strangers.

Le Divorce by Diane Johnson

Le Divorce

Diane Johnson

When a pregnant Roxeanne Walker de Persand has her husband run out on her, her rough-edged sister, Isabel, comes to help her through this period as the powerful Persand family begins pushing for a divorce and control of a valuable Walker family heirloom.

Best Day Ever by Kaira Rouda

Best Day Ever

Kaira Rouda

As they head for a romantic weekend away at their lake house, tension rises between Paul and Mia Strom as deception and betrayal reveal the true nature of their “perfect” marriage over a period of twenty-four hours.

A Separation by Katie Kitamura

A Separation

Katie Kitamura

A taut, complex portrait of a marriage haunted by secrets, in which a woman finds herself traveling to Greece in search of her missing, estranged husband.

The Other Mrs by Mary Kubica

The Other Mrs

Mary Kubica

Unnerved by her husband’s inheritance of a decrepit coastal property and the presence of a disturbed relative, community newcomer Sadie uncovers harrowing facts about her family’s possible role in a neighbor’s murder.

The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena

The Couple Next Door

Shari Lapena

When a terrible crime committed on the night of a dinner party casts suspicion on a young couple who seemed to have it all, Detective Rasbach discovers that the panicked duo had been hiding dangerous secrets from each other for years.

The Innocent Wife by Amy Lloyd

The Innocent Wife

Amy Lloyd

Falling in love with a man on Death Row she believes was falsely accused, a young schoolteacher successfully campaigns for the man’s release and becomes his wife only to begin wondering about his possible guilt in the aftermath of his release.

A Good Marriage by Kimberly McCreight

A Good Marriage

Kimberly McCreight

Begged for help by an old friend, an overworked lawyer investigates a suspicious death in a Brooklyn brownstone before she is confronted by a close-knit circle of parents who would protect an exclusive school.

The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks, Sarah Pekkanen

The Wife Between Us

Greer Hendricks, Sarah Pekkanen

The divorce has just become final, and Richard is already engaged to someone. One woman is determined to change that situation– no matter what it takes. Soon a tangle of lies binds her life with those of Richard and his new fiancee. A tangle of lies– that hide some dangerous truths.

The Truth Hurts by Rebecca Reid

The Truth Hurts

Rebecca Reid

A young woman quickly embarks on what she thinks is the relationship and love of a lifetime, and is thrilled when her new husband insists they never speak of the past, but this one rule will prove to have very dangerous consequences.

Before I Go To Sleep by S.J. Watson

Before I Go To Sleep

S.J. Watson

An amnesiac attempts to reconstruct her past by keeping a journal and discovers the dangerous inconsistencies in the stories of her husband and her secret doctor.

Relationships and Break-Up Self-Help

Divorce In Connecticut by Renee C Bauer

Divorce In Connecticut
The Legal Process, Your Rights, And What To Expect

Renee C Bauer

Structured in a question-and-answer format, this divorce handbook provides clear and concise responses to help build confidence and give the peace of mind needed to meet the challenges of a divorce proceeding.

Breaking Up & Bouncing Back by Samantha Burns

Breaking Up & Bouncing Back
Moving On To Create The Love Life You Deserve

Samantha Burns

Teaches readers how to survive a breakup and bounce back to a healthy dating life, including how to practice critical coping and self-care survival skills.

Gray Divorce by Jocelyn Elise Crowley

Gray Divorce
What We Lose And Gain From Mid-Life Splits

Jocelyn Elise Crowley

“After twenty, thirty, or even forty years of marriage, countless vacations together, raising well-adjusted children, and sharing property and finances–what could go wrong? Gray Divorce offers a provocative look at the growing rate of marital splits after the age of 50, showcasing the voices of men and women who are considering, going through, or have undergone one. With empathy and insight, Jocelyn Crowley, who has written widely on family issues, uncovers the reasons for why men and women divorce–and the penalties and benefits that each pay for their choice.

Nolo's Essential Guide To Divorce by Emily Doskow

Nolo’s Essential Guide To Divorce

Emily Doskow

Presents a step-by-step guide through every aspect of the divorce process and includes updated information on foreclosure and debt issues.

Getting To Good Riddance by Jodie Eckleberry-Hunt

Getting To Good Riddance
A No Bullsh*t Breakup Survival Guide

Jodie Eckleberry-Hunt

Getting to Good Riddance is a practical, “how to” recover from heart break guide based on the scientific mash up of salty language, humor, CBT, and mindfulness. It’s like having the healing power of a psychologist right in your hand.

Getting Back Out There by Susan J Elliott

Getting Back Out There
Secrets To Successful Dating And Finding Real Love After The Big Breakup

Susan J Elliott

Presents a guide to dating and relationships after a breakup or divorce, offering tips on examining negative patterns in past relationships, maintaining healthy boundaries, and working through rejection.

Divorce After 50 by Janice Green

Divorce After 50
A Guide To The Unique Legal & Financial Challenges Of Your Divorce

Janice Green

This book is for readers considering divorce later in life. It covers subjects such as ways to divorce, including mediation, collaborative law, and litigation; marital property: what it is, what you do with it, and how to divide assets and liabilities; how to survive financially during and after, and more.

The No-Nonsense Guide To Divorce by Lori Hellis

The No-Nonsense Guide To Divorce
Getting Through And Starting Over

Lori Hellis

The No-Nonsense Guide to Divorce is the straight-talking book divorcing people need now. Written by an experienced family lawyer, it’s a blunt, funny, empathetic look at one of the most challenging times in life. Filled with concrete advice and hilarious and sometimes cringe-worthy examples, it’s the perfect blend of how-to and what-not-to-do.

Things I've Learned From Women Who've Dumped Me by Ben Karlin

Things I’ve Learned From Women Who’ve Dumped Me

Ben Karlin

An anthology of life lessons as imparted through the experiences of such contributors as Stephen Colbert, Andy Richter, and Bob Odenkirk shares such insights as “If you lie, you will get caught” and “Flowers work.”

Your Ex-Factor by Stephan Poulter

Your Ex-Factor
Overcome Heartbreak & Build A Better Life

Stephan Poulter

Your Ex-Factor will be a welcome resource to anyone trying to move forward beyond the pain of emotional loss and rediscover the joys of loving again regardless of prior history, circumstances, “old baggage,” or fears. This invaluable guide will open your eyes to promote healthy and truly fulfilling relationships now and into the future.

Overthinking About You by Allison Raskin

Overthinking About You
Navigating Romantic Relationships When You Have Anxiety, OCD, And/or Depression

Allison Raskin

Interweaving interviews with clinical psychologists, a psychiatrist, a sexologist, relationship experts and real-life couples throughout, this memoir-driven self-help book explores the complex connection between brain and heart, helping readers feel better prepared to tackle dating and relationships with more confidence and less worry.

Healing From Toxic Relationships by Stephanie Sarkis

Healing From Toxic Relationships
10 Essential Steps To Recover From Gaslighting, Narcissism, And Emotional Abuse

Stephanie Sarkis

This guide for getting over a toxic relationship looks at the Ten Foundational Steps to True Healing that can help survivors move forward, stop blaming themselves and find peace.

The Optimist's Guide To Divorce by Suzanne Riss, Jill Sockwell

The Optimist’s Guide To Divorce
How To Get Through Your Breakup And Create A New Life You Love

Suzanne Riss, Jill Sockwell

Presents stories and insights for divorced women, emphasizing the importance of support systems and covering such topics as co-parenting and dating.

Heartbreak by Florence Williams

A Personal And Scientific Journey

Florence Williams

After her 25-year marriage ends, a journalist reveals her personal insights and explores the cutting edge science of “social pain” including checking her blood for grief markers and receiving electrical shocks, to explain why heartbreak hurts so much.