Inspire Berlin

A live virtual event! Berlin businesses are invited to demonstrate a holiday related skill or technique to the community in a way that highlights their goods or services.

Celebrate the Holiday Season with Local Businesses

The Berlin-Peck Memorial Library invites local businesses to take part in a live virtual event planned for early December. Each participating business will present a segment approximately 15-minutes in length demonstrating a holiday related skill/technique of interest to the community in a way that highlights their goods or services. Examples include a florist who demonstrates how to create the perfect bouquet, a gift shop owner who shows how to create a holiday table setting, or a jeweler who shares information about the difference between lab grown vs. earth mined diamonds.

The event will take place live on WebEx in early December. The public will be invited to attend the live event. The entire program will also be recorded for those who cannot attend the live session and shared on the library’s social media accounts for further publicity.

Based on the response to this inquiry, the library may offer several of these virtual events during the first week of December. If your business is interested in participating in this program, please complete and submit form below by November 13th.

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