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Would you rather be trapped surrounded by too much water (the sea) or not enough (the desert)?

August 4, 2023

Would you rather be trapped surrounded by too much water (the sea) or not enough (the desert)?


Sea Mysteries & Thrillers

Sailing To Capri by Elizabeth Adler

Sailing To Capri

Elizabeth Adler

Teaming up to investigate six possible suspects in the mysterious death of an English Yorkshire tycoon, Daisy Kean and private investigator Harry Montana interact with the suspects on a lavish Mediterranean cruise that culminates in a dramatic reading of the victim’s will.

Murder On The Marmora by Conrad Allen

Murder On The Marmora

Conrad Allen

Accepting a new assignment, one that includes keeping an eye on the Duke and Duchess of Fife, during a luxury cruise to Egypt, ship’s detectives George Porter Dillman and Genevieve Masefield find their voyage interrupted by a murderer on board, in an atmospheric mystery set in 1908.

Over My Dead Body by Jeffrey Archer

Over My Dead Body

Jeffrey Archer

On board the luxury cruise liner The Alden, a group of wealthy clientele have signed up the for opulence and glamour of a trans-Atlantic voyage. But the battle for power at the heart of a wealthy dynasty is about to turn to murder.

Deep Water by Emma Bamford

Deep Water

Emma Bamford

Responding to a rescue call in the Indian Ocean, a Captain discovers a mortally injured man and his traumatized wife who describes how their exotic trip to a tiny, remote island forced her to become a murderer.

You Belong To Me by Mary Higgins Clark

You Belong To Me

Mary Higgins Clark

A beautiful and dedicated young psychoanalyst is terrified to discover that her beloved sister is determined to marry one of the doctor’s former patients, a man who conceals a dangerously jealous, obsessive nature, as well as a pattern of abuse, behind his charming and wealthy facade.

Plague Ship Of The Oregon Files by Clive Cussler

Plague Ship Of The Oregon Files

Clive Cussler

A new installment in a series featuring Captain Juan Cabrillo and his intelligence-gathering ship-for-hire finds the crew encountering an adrift cruise ship filled with hundreds of dead passengers that eventually leads to the discovery of a cult’s devastating plot for the human race.

Those We Drown by Amy Goldsmith

Those We Drown

Amy Goldsmith

Landing an all-expenses-paid opportunity to study aboard the luxury cruise ship The Eos for a semester, Liv sets out to discover if The Eos is hiding a dark secret within its shadowy decks when people start disappearing and strange creatures haunt her dreams.

Haunted Destiny by Heather Graham

Haunted Destiny

Heather Graham

Assigned to investigate a mysterious serial killer who leaves his victims in churches with saint medallions on their necks, paranormal investigator Jackson Crow and New Orleans agent Jude McCoy team up with piano player Alexi on a haunted cruise ship when the ghost of a victim appears to them.

The Ex-Husband by Karen Hamilton

The Ex-Husband

Karen Hamilton

Taking a personal assistant position for an extravagant-and mysterious-engagement party on board a superyacht, former con artist Charlotte becomes trapped with someone who knows her past and is hell-bent on making her pay for it.

Miss Aldridge Regrets by Louise Hare

Miss Aldridge Regrets

Louise Hare

In 1936 London, down-on-her-luck actress Lena Aldridge is offered the role of a lifetime in New York, and, sailing aboard the Queen Mary, is drawn into the fold of an obscenely wealthy family and their bizarre family dynamic where her greatest performance will be for her life.

Distress Signals by Catherine Ryan Howard

Distress Signals

Catherine Ryan Howard

Adam’s girlfriend goes missing and when he searches for her he connects her to a cruise ship called Celebrate and another woman who went missing under similar circumstances.

Killers Of A Certain Age by Deanna Raybourn

Killers Of A Certain Age

Deanna Raybourn

Sent on an all-expense paid vacation to mark their retirement, four assassins discover they’ve been marked for death, forcing them to turn against their own organization and teach them what it really means to be a woman, and a killer, of a certain age.

Dangerous Crossing by Rachel Rhys

Dangerous Crossing

Rachel Rhys

On board an ocean liner bound for Australia on the eve of World War II, Lily Shepherd enjoys exotic stops while bonding with high-society passengers, a situation that is complicated by her growing love for a man far above her station and an untimely double murder.

Lying In The Deep by Diana Urban

Lying In The Deep

Diana Urban

When her boyfriend leaves her for her best friend, Jade joins a semester long cruise program unaware that the two are also onboard, and when her ex-boyfriend is murdered and his new girlfriend goes missing, Jade must dig into her shipmates’ lives to find the murderer and clear her name.

The Woman In Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware

The Woman In Cabin 10

Ruth Ware

Assigned to review an exclusive North Sea luxury cruise, travel journalist Lo Blacklock witnesses a woman being thrown overboard and is baffled when all passengers remain accounted for, a nightmare that unravels as Lo struggles to convince everyone that what she saw was real.


Desert Mysteries & Thrillers

Kismet by Amina Akhtar


Amina Akhtar

Attending a retreat in the desert mountains of Sedona, Arizona, at the insistence of socialite wellness guru Marley Dewhurst, lifelong New Yorker Ronnie Khan soon discovers that all is not well in wellness town as Marley’s blind ambition turns into madness.

The Water Knife by Paolo Bacigalupi

The Water Knife

Paolo Bacigalupi

Working as an enforcer for a corrupt developer, Angel Velasquez teams up with a hardened journalist and a street-smart Texan to investigate rumors of California’s imminent monopoly on limited water supplies.

Don't Turn Around by Jessica Barry

Don’t Turn Around

Jessica Barry

Cait and Rebecca, each with secrets to protect, find their lives in danger while on a desolate road in the New Mexico desert and must learn to trust one another in this follow up to Freefall.

Tell No Lies by Allison Brennan

Tell No Lies

Allison Brennan

Detective Kara Quinn and FBI special agent Matt Costa team up to investigate the unsolved murder of a college activist whose demise may be linked to a high-stakes crime organization in the Southwest desert.

Diablo Mesa by Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child

Diablo Mesa

Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child

Responding to the promise of a hefty donation from an eccentric billionaire with space travel ambitions, the Santa Fe Archaeological Institute excavates the site of the 1947 Roswell incident and immediately uncovers two unknown murder victims.

Desert Star by Michael Connelly

Desert Star

Michael Connelly

LAPD detective Renee Ballard and Harry Bosch team up to hunt the brutal killer who is Bosch’s “white whale”–a man responsible for the murder of an entire family.

The Territory by Tricia Fields

The Territory

Tricia Fields

West Texas police chief Josie Gray tackles adversaries on both sides of the law when she is caught between a violent drug cartel and a tiny community of locals who are determined to take the law into their own hands.

The Chase by Candice Fox

The Chase

Candice Fox

Escaping prison along with 650 of the world’s most violent criminals, John Kradle uses this opportunity to prove his innocence in the murder of his wife and daughter, going up against a death row supervisor turned fugitive hunter who has personal reasons for hating him.

The Blessing Way by Tony Hillerman

The Blessing Way

Tony Hillerman

Witchcraft appears to be involved in the death of an Indian whose body was found in Many Ruins Canyon, and Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn is charged with the task of solving the crime.

The Way Of The Bear by Anne Hillerman

The Way Of The Bear

Anne Hillerman

When two suspicious deaths occur in the Bears Ears area, Navajo Tribal Police officers Jim Chee and Bernadette Manuelito must use all their experience, skill, and intuition to find justice.

A Bad Day For Sunshine by Darynda Jones

A Bad Day For Sunshine

Darynda Jones

Challenged to prove herself when her New Mexico community becomes the center of a nationwide manhunt, police chief Sunshine Vicram is seduced by an alluring FBI agent and a sultry U.S. Marshal who test her feelings for a childhood crush.

Quicksilver by Dean Koontz


Dean Koontz

When the discovery of a coin worth a lot of money forces him to run for his life, Quinn Quicksilver meets his destined companions as he barrels towards a confrontation with an enemy who is as every bit as scary as the power within himself.

Desert Heat by Kat Martin

Desert Heat

Kat Martin

On the run from her past, Ph.D. candidate Patience Sinclair joins the Triple C Rodeo to finish her dissertation, and, while journeying through the American West, finds herself drawn to champion rider Dallas Kingman, until a series of strange accidents threatens both of their lives

Blood Grove by Walter Mosley

Blood Grove

Walter Mosley

After being approached by a shell-shocked Vietnam War veteran who claims to have gotten into a fight protecting a white woman from a black man, Easy embarks on an investigation that takes him from mountaintops to the desert, through South Central and into sex clubs and the homes of the fabulously wealthy, facing hippies, the mob, and old friends perhaps more dangerous than anyone else.

Desert Wind by Betty Webb

Desert Wind

Betty Webb

Private investigator Lena Jones investigates the area around a dangerous uranium mine outside the Grand Canyon after a public relations spokesperson for the operation is found murdered and her Pima Indian partner, Jimmy Sisiwan, is arrested for the crime.

The Distant Dead by Heather Young

The Distant Dead

Heather Young

When a young boy finds himself at the center of a murder mystery, several members of an American small town must deal with the fallout.