All-Year Reading Challenge

Monday, January 1 – Tuesday, December 31
Read books and win cool pins!

January 1, 2024

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Monday, January 1
to Tuesday, December 31
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Berlin-Peck Memorial Library
234 Kensington Road
Berlin, CT



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    Choose Your Challenge

    This year, you can pick from three reading challenge sheets. Visit the library to pick up a copy, or print your own.

    Can’t find the right book for a challenge prompt? Try one of these book lists, or check out our book list archive!


    Read & Pin

    Show off your love of reading with reading-themed pins! You earn one pin for every five books you read.

    These small pins (also called buttons) are approximately one inch across. They fasten with a sharp safety-pin style closure on the back and are not suitable for young children.

    Visit the Reference Desk with your reading log to pick out your pins.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Don’t see your question here? Feel free to ask a Librarian at the Adult Reference Desk, call 860-828-7126, or email


    Why are there three different challenges?

    Variety! You can pick whichever one is the most fun for you. They all work the same way: read five books, get a pin.


    Do I need all three?

    Nope! We suggest you pick just one to focus on.


    Can I switch challenges or do more than one?

    Yes! Just remember: you can only record a book ONCE across all three challenges.

    Once a book is checked off, and you’ve received a pin, you can’t use it again (that’s cheating!)


    Do I need to complete the whole page?

    Nope! But we will be very impressed if you do.


    What books count?

    Most books will qualify, but if you’re not sure—ask!


    Date Read

    Please only include books that you started reading this year.



    YES, you can count audiobooks, ebooks, and graphic novels.

    NO, you cannot count magazines, movies, or television.



    There is no restriction on page length or word count.

    We encourage you to branch out and explore poetry, graphic novels, short stories, novellas, short non-fiction, and other forms of literature.


    Reading Level

    There is no restriction on reading level.

    Every adult should feel comfortable participating, regardless of their reading level. We do ask that you read within your own reading level, and only include books that you read for yourself. Do not include books that you are reading to someone else.


    One Book Per Prompt

    I found novella that’s ALSO about food AND has a bird on the cover AND it’s set in Appalachia! Can I use it to complete multiple reading prompts?

    Nope! You can only use each book once.


    What’s the ‘Library Use’ box?

    That’s the box we use to check off books when we give out pins. Please don’t write in it.


    Do I really have to fill in the ‘Date Finished’ box?

    Nope! This box just tells us you’ve finished the book. If you prefer, you can put a check mark or X in the box.

    We noticed that many of last year’s participants preferred to plan their books ahead of time—writing them down first, then checking off the ones they’ve finished. That’s what the ‘Date Finished’ box is for!


    I lost my form!

    That’s alright! We’ll give you a new one.

    Try to rewrite it as best as you can and check off any books that you’ve already received pins for. Count your pins to help remember how many books you’ve checked off.


    Is there an age limit?

    Technically, no, there is not an age limit.

    With that said, this challenge was designed for adult readers and adult (or young adult) books. It’s probably not fun for kids. The pin prizes are also sharp and unsuitable for children. Teens and young adults are welcome to participate.


    Can I participate online?

    Unfortunately, no. This challenge is in-person only.

    If you have questions about curbside pickup or our homebound service, please contact us.


    Do I need to visit weekly/monthly/etc. to pick up my pins?

    Nope! You can visit as often (or seldom) as you’d like. Some readers prefer to get their pins immediately, while others wait until the end of the year and get their pins all at once.


    Will you mail the pins?

    No, we do not mail contest prizes.


    Prompt Booklists

    Can’t find the right book for a challenge prompt? Try one of these book lists, or check out our book list archive!

    Novels Based on the Lives of Real Women February 16, 2024 - - Read a fictional book based on the life of a real women.! All-Year Reading Challenge • 2024
    Fiction Inspired by Real Life January 23, 2024 - - Read a fictional book based on real life events! All-Year Reading Challenge • 2024
    Birds on the Cover January 22, 2024 - - Read a book with a bird on the cover! All-Year Reading Challenge • 2024
    Magical Realism January 18, 2024 - - Read a book with magical realism! All-Year Reading Challenge • 2024
    Debut Fiction January 18, 2024 - - Read an author's debut novel or first published book! All-Year Reading Challenge • 2024


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    Accommodations Statement

    If you require special accommodation for any library sponsored event, please call 860-828-7125 or email at least ten (10) days prior to the event.