Final Girls Book List

Books featuring final girls who survive the horror!

September 19, 2023

If you love a good slasher movie, you know all about the final girl trope. Here are some books featuring final girls who survive the horror!


You're Not Supposed To Die Tonight by Kalynn Bayron

You’re Not Supposed To Die Tonight

Kalynn Bayron

Recreating scenes from a classic slasher film for a full-contact terror game, Charity Curtis, who plays the ‘final girl’ at Camp Mirror Lake, finds her role turning all too real when a killer starts picking off her co-workers one by one.

The Night Shift by Alex Finlay

The Night Shift

Alex Finlay

When four teenage girls are attacked at an ice cream shop in Linden, New Jersey, and only one makes it out alive, which is similar to a case in 1999, an FBI agent must delve into the secrets of both crimes—stirring up memories of teen love and lies—to uncover the truth.

Black-Eyed Susans by Julia Heaberlin

Black-Eyed Susans

Julia Heaberlin

Rendered famous as the only survivor of a serial killer twenty years earlier, Tessa discovers clues that the wrong person was convicted and that the true killer is preparing to finish what he started.

The Final Girl Support Group by Grady Hendrix

The Final Girl Support Group

Grady Hendrix

A real-life ‘final girl’— the one girl always left standing at the end of a horror movie — Lynette Tarkington, who survived a massacre 22 years ago, along with five other final girls, works to overcome her past until someone becomes determined to take their lives apart again, piece by piece.

My Heart Is A Chainsaw by Stephen Graham Jones

My Heart Is A Chainsaw

Stephen Graham Jones

Protected by horror movies—especially the ones where the masked killer seeks revenge on a world that wronged them—Jade Daniels, an angry, half-Indian outcast, pulls us into her dark mind when blood actually starts to spill into the waters of Indian lake.

The Girl From Widow Hills by Megan Miranda

The Girl From Widow Hills

Megan Miranda

Rendered famous in childhood for her miraculous survival of a dangerous storm, a young woman changes her name and struggles to hide from the media before waking up one evening to find a corpse at her feet.

Final Girls by Riley Sager

Final Girls

Riley Sager

Emerging a lone survivor of a serial killer’s massacre a decade earlier, a former college student struggles to ignore traumatic memories and move on as one of a group of other survivors who look to her for answers when one of them is found dead in a suspicious suicide.

Sundial by Catriona Ward


Catriona Ward

Rob is forced to make one last trip out to Sundial, her parent’s property in the wild Mojave desert where dark secrets are buried, when a frightening accident in her home reveals a disturbing discovery in her oldest daughter’s bedroom.

A Flicker In The Dark by Stacy Willingham

A Flicker In The Dark

Stacy Willingham

Twenty years after her father was arrested as a serial killer, Louisiana psychologist Chloe Davis becomes alarmed when local teenage girls once again go missing and she begins seeing parallels that may or may not be there.