Magic and Witches

What’s more Halloween than magic and witches?

September 29, 2022

A Discovery Of Witches by Deborah Harkness

A Discovery Of Witches

Deborah Harkness

Discovering a magical manuscript in Oxford’s library, scholar Diana Bishop, a descendant of witches who has rejected her heritage, inadvertently unleashes a fantastical underworld of daemons, witches and vampires whose activities center around an enchanted treasure.

The Nature Of Witches by Rachel Griffin

The Nature Of Witches

Rachel Griffin

In a world where witches control the climate and are losing control, only one witch can save earth from destruction. But as her power grows, it hurts those closest to her, and when she falls in love with her training partner she’s forced to choose between her power, her love, and saving the earth.

Royal Witches by Gemma Hollman

Royal Witches
Witchcraft And The Nobility In Fifteenth-Century England

Gemma Hollman

The stories of four royal women, their lives intertwined by family and bound by persecution, unravel the history of witchcraft in fifteenth-century England.

The Witches Of New York by Ami McKay

The Witches Of New York

Ami McKay

In 1880s New York, Beatrice, unaware of her spiritual gifts, applies for a job at a teashop for female occultists run by Adelaide Thom and Eleanor St. Clair and with their help, she faces down the dark forces lurking in the city.

Witches Incorporated by K.E. Mills

Witches Incorporated

K.E. Mills

On his first official government assignment, Gerald is drawn into an unpleasant world of espionage and skullduggery, while Princess Melissande and Reg struggle to keep their witching temp agency afloat until they accidentally get involved with Gerald’s mission.

The League Of Gentlewomen Witches by India Holton

The League Of Gentlewomen Witches

India Holton

The future leader of the League of Gentlewoman witches, Miss Charlotte Pettifer must team up with a rogue pirate to stop the long-lost amulet of Black Beryl from falling into the wrong hands—and keep her heart under lock and key.

A Secret History Of Witches by Louisa Morgan

A Secret History Of Witches

Louisa Morgan

From early 19th century Brittany to London during the Second World War, five generations of witches fight the battles of their time, deciding how far they are willing to go to protect their family, their heritage, and ultimately, all of our futures.

In Defense Of Witches by Mona Chollet

In Defense Of Witches
The Legacy Of The Witch Hunts And Why Women Are Still On Trial

Mona Chollet

A celebrated feminist writer explores three types of women who were accused of witchcraft and persecuted, seeking to unite the mythic image of the witch with modern women who seek to live life on their own terms.

The Once And Future Witches by Alix E Harrow

The Once And Future Witches

Alix E Harrow

In the late 1800s, three sisters use witchcraft to change the course of history in a Hugo award-winning author’s novel of magic amid the suffragette movement.

We Were Witches by Ariel Gore

We Were Witches
A Novel

Ariel Gore

Ariel Gore is a teen mom, aspiring writer, and feminist witch trying to get a college education during the first Bush administration, all the while combating queer scapegoating, domestic violence, and high-interest student loans.

Witches Of Lychford by Paul Cornell

Witches Of Lychford

Paul Cornell

A supermarket wants to build a major branch on the border of Lychford, but Judith Mawson knows that Lychford lies on the boundary between two worlds and destroying that boundary would open a gateway to malevolent beings.

A Mystical Practical Guide To Magic by Aliza Einhorn

A Mystical Practical Guide To Magic
Instructions For Seekers, Witches And Other Spiritual Misfits.

Aliza Einhorn

Part grimoire, part handbook, and part spiritual travelogue, A Mystical Practical Guide to Magic is a personal and practical compendium for creating your own magical life.

Spells For Change by Frankie Castanea

Spells For Change
A Guide For Modern Witches.

Frankie Castanea

Modern-day witches are a blend of the old and the new. They travel to the grocery store, work nine-to-five jobs, and teach in our classrooms. They also carry black tourmaline and quartz, and wave bay and rosemary bundles over their doorways. Within an ancient and sacred practice, a new type of Craft has taken hold: one that combines the power of action with energy and intent, prioritizes self-realization, and matches its activism with manifestation.

The Book Of Magic by Alice Hoffman

The Book Of Magic

Alice Hoffman

In this conclusion of the spellbinding Practical Magic series, a frantic attempt to save a young man’s life spurs three generations of the Owens women to use their unusual gifts to break the curse as they discover secrets hidden from them in matters of both magic and love.

The Witch's Heart by Genevieve Gornichec

The Witch’s Heart

Genevieve Gornichec

A subversive reimagining of Norse mythology traces the experiences of a banished witch whose unexpected passionate relationship with the trickster Loki produces three remarkable offspring before her family is targeted by wrathful gods.

The Brides Of Maracoor by Gregory Maguire

The Brides Of Maracoor
A Novel

Gregory Maguire

Gregory Maguire’s new series is here, twenty-five years after Wicked first flew into our lives. Volume one, The Brides of Maracoor, finds Elphaba’s granddaughter, Rain, washing ashore on a foreign island. Comatose from crashing into the sea, Rain is taken in by a community of single women committed to obscure devotional practices.

Little Book Of Spells by Astrid Carvel

Little Book Of Spells
An Introduction To White Witchcraft.

Astrid Carvel

Discover the techniques for performing white witchcraft with this beginner’s guide to casting spells. Learn the importance of the moon’s cycles and ways to tap into the rhythms of the natural world, and how to source your own ingredients. From love potions using candle magic and rituals for attracting prosperity, to charm bags for courage and incantations for lasting happiness, there is a spell for every occasion.

American Brujeria by J. Allen Cross

American Brujeria
Modern Mexican-American Folk Magic

J. Allen Cross

American Brujeria is about the fascinating blend of American and Mexican folk magic currently practiced by those living in the US but whose roots are steeped in Mexican culture. The author, who has named this tradition ‘American brujeria,’ explores this magical system, while also offering practical advice on using it.

The Mercies by Kiran Millwood Hargrave

The Mercies
A Novel

Kiran Millwood Hargrave

After a storm has killed off all the island’s men, two women in a 1600s Norwegian coastal village struggle to survive against both natural forces and the men who have been sent to rid the community of alleged witchcraft.

Light Magic For Dark Times by Lisa Marie Basile

Light Magic For Dark Times
More Than 100 Spells, Rituals, And Practices For Coping In A Crisis.

Lisa Marie Basile

When the world around you turns dark, tap into the light. If you’re having a hard time finding that light, facing trauma and division, or want to send healing vibes to a friend, the inspired, easy-to-do spells of Light Magic for Dark Times can assist.

Kitchen Witch by Sarah Robinson

Kitchen Witch
Food, Folklore & Fairy Tale.

Sarah Robinson

Welcome to a place of great magic – the kitchen! Magic, superstition, cooking, and food rituals have been intertwined since the beginning of humankind. Kitchen Witch: Food, Folklore & Fairy Tale is an exploration of the history and culture of food, folklore and magic and those skilled in healing and nourishing – herbalists, wise women, cooks, cunning folk and the name many of them would come to bear: witch.

Positive Magic by Marion Weinstein

Positive Magic
Occult Self-Help.

Marion Weinstein

One of the best loved introductions to magic, Witchcraft and the occult available! Used in metaphysical classes around the world. The author makes ancient magic techniques accessible, offering them as practical toold for dealing with daily life.

Year Of The Witch by Temperance Alden

Year Of The Witch
Connecting With Nature’s Seasons Through Intuitive Magic

Temperance Alden

When we think of the wheel of the year, the Wiccan wheel with its celebrations of the Yule, Beltane, Mabon, and Samhain come to mind. But what about a wheel of the year for the rest of us pagans and witches? As a witch living in sunny South Florida, longtime hereditary witch Temperance Alden has often felt at odds gearing up to celebrate Yule, for example, when it is 76 degrees and sunny outside. Year of the Witch will help readers create their own intuitive practices in harmony with the climate, culture, and local spirits where they live.

The Witch's Herbal Apothecary by Marysia Miernowska

The Witch’s Herbal Apothecary
Rituals And Recipes For A Year Of Earth Magick And Sacred Medicine Making

Marysia Miernowska

Written by the Director of one of California’s most renowned herbal schools who was also named one of the ‘top 15 witches on Instagram’, The Witch’s Herbal Apothecary is a guide of recipes, rituals, and lore that enable readers to tap into Earth Magick to heal themselves.

The King's Witch by Tracy Borman

The King’s Witch
A Novel

Tracy Borman

In March of 1603, as she helps to nurse the dying Queen Elizabeth of England, Frances Gorges dreams of her parents’ country estate, where she learned to use flowers and herbs to become a much-loved healer. When King James of Scotland succeeds to the throne Frances is only too happy to stay at home. Yet when her ambitious uncle forces Frances to return to the royal palace, she becomes a ready target for the twisted scheming of the Privy Seal, Lord Cecil.

Circe by Madeline Miller


Madeline Miller

Circe, the banished witch daughter of Helios, hones her powers and interacts with famous mythological beings before a conflict with one of the most vengeful Olympians forces her to choose between the worlds of the gods and mortals.

Salem Witch Judge by Eve LaPlante

Salem Witch Judge
The Life And Repentance Of Samuel Sewall

Eve LaPlante

The story of the judge responsible for executing twenty Salem witch trial victims, discussing how he came to regret his actions, and his later efforts to oppose slavery and further Native American relations and sexual equality.

Hour Of The Witch by Chris Bohjalian

Hour Of The Witch
A Novel

Chris Bohjalian

A resourceful Puritan woman in 1662 Boston plots to escape a violent marriage only to find herself targeted by her disapproving and superstitious neighbors for failing to save a child’s life.