New Year, New Me!

Be your best self—or even learn a new skill or hobby in the new year!

December 20, 2023

Be your best self—or even learn a new skill or hobby in the new year!

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Health and Diet

Sugarless by Nicole M Avena

A 7-Step Plan To Uncover Hidden Sugars, Curb Your Cravings, And Conquer Your Addiction

Nicole M Avena

A pioneering neuroscientist on food addiction spells out sugar’s detrimental effects on the brain and body and empowers readers with an easy seven-step program to help them find the hidden sugars in their foods, control their sweet tooth and break the vicious diet cycle for good.

The Hormone Shift by Tasneem Bhatia

The Hormone Shift
Balance Your Body And Thrive Through Midlife And Menopause

Tasneem Bhatia

With an east-meets-west approach to women’s health, a board-certified physician breaks down exactly what happens in a woman’s body throughout her life and how every aspect of health is connected to hormones, offering a customizable 30-day Hormone Reset plan to keep the body in balance and minimize unwanted symptoms at every stage.

The Blue Zones Secrets For Living Longer by Dan Buettner

The Blue Zones Secrets For Living Longer
Lessons From The Healthiest Places On Earth

Dan Buettner

Drawing on 20 years of research, a National Geographic Explorer visits places around the world where higher percentages of people enjoy remarkably long, full lives such as Sardinia, Italy; Ikaria, Greece; Okinawa, Japan; and Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, documenting the best strategies for longevity.

The Healthy, Happy Gut Cookbook by Heather Finley

The Healthy, Happy Gut Cookbook
Simple, Non-Restrictive Recipes To Treat Ibs, Bloating, Constipation And Other Digestive Issues The Natural Way

Heather Finley

Registered dietician and gut-health expert Dr. Heather Finley shares her secrets to managing your IBS and other gastrointestinal symptoms without having to give up your favorite food.

How Not To Age by Michael Greger

How Not To Age
The Scientific Approach To Getting Healthier As You Get Older

Michael Greger

A founding member of and fellow of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine explains how proper diet and nutrition can help avoid the diseases most commonly encountered in life and during the aging process.

The Mayo Clinic Diet by Donald Hensrud

The Mayo Clinic Diet
Reshape Your Life With Science-Based Habits

Donald Hensrud

Offers a weight loss and lifestyle program that focuses on making smart, healthy choices to reach a healthy weight and stay there, including meal planners, recipes, and psychological tips for ensuring success.

Work It Out by Sarah Kurchak

Work It Out
A Mood-Boosting Exercise Guide For People Who Just Want To Lie Down

Sarah Kurchak

A guide to incorporating exercise into daily life to improve mental health. The book dispels fitness myths and provides practical advice for building adjustable workout plans, celebrating even minor achievements, and knowing when to rest.

Forever Strong by Gabrielle Lyon

Forever Strong
A New, Science-Based Strategy For Aging Well

Gabrielle Lyon

A doctor with a background in geriatrics and nutritional sciences describes the benefits of strength training and nutrition on aging and offers a self-care program to optimize muscle, promote longevity and reduce disease.

The Official Mind Diet by Martha Clare Morris

The Official Mind Diet
A Scientifically Based Program To Lose Weight And Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Martha Clare Morris

The creator of the MIND diet, which is backed by scientists, doctors and organizations such as the Alzheimer’s Association and AARP, offers this practical, day-by-day guide to eating for weight loss, vitality and a lifetime of optimal cognitive function.


Self-Help and Relationships

Calm The Chaos by Dayna Abraham

Calm The Chaos
A Fail-Proof Road Map For Parenting Even The Most Challenging Kids

Dayna Abraham

A simple, fail-proof road map for parents raising even the most challenging children from the founder of the life-changing Calm the Chaos methodology and the Lemon Lime Adventures blog.

Njuta by Niki Brantmark

Enjoy, Delight In: The Swedish Art Of Savoring The Moment

Niki Brantmark

Introducing the Swedish concept of njuta, which is about simplicity and intent in every aspect of life, this empowering and engaging guide offers advice for incorporating njuta into any lifestyle, showing you how to relax and consciously seize the moment to enrich and deepen your life.

Supercommunicators by Charles Duhigg

How To Unlock The Secret Language Of Connection

Charles Duhigg

From the bestselling author of The Power of Habit, a fascinating exploration of what makes conversations work–and how we can all learn to be supercommunicators at work and in life.

Fight Right by John Gottman, Julie Schwartz Gottman

Fight Right
The Five Secrets Of Couples Who Transform Conflict Into Connection

John Gottman, Julie Schwartz Gottman

The founders of the world-famous Love Lab discuss how even the happiest and most successful couples fight and discuss ways how to harness conflict to build stronger, healthier relationships by calming down and staying connected.

Hidden Potential by Adam Grant

Hidden Potential
The Science Of Achieving Greater Things

Adam Grant

We live in a world that’s obsessed with talent. We celebrate gifted students in school, natural athletes in sports, and child prodigies in music. But admiring people who start out with innate advantages leads us to overlook the distance we ourselves can travel. We underestimate the range of skills that we can learn and the amount of ground that we can gain. When opportunity doesn’t knock, there are ways to to build a door. Hidden Potential offers a new framework for reaching aspirations and exceeding expectations.

How To Be The Love You Seek by Nicole LePera

How To Be The Love You Seek
Break Cycles, Find Peace + Heal Your Relationships

Nicole LePera

A groundbreaking guide to strengthening relationships, beginning with the one you have with yourself. Dr. LePera—whose integrative, holistic approach to psychology has attracted an international audience of millions—offers a new path to healing our relationships. Harnessing the latest scientific research, she teaches us to recognize how unmet needs from our earliest relationships create our current, dysfunctional relationship patterns, and leave us in a state of constant internal threat, even with those closest to us.

100 Ways To Change Your Life by Liz Moody

100 Ways To Change Your Life
The Science Of Leveling Up Health, Happiness, Relationships & Success

Liz Moody

A holistic guide to self-improvement, with 150 simple, science-backed strategies for making life healthier and happier.

Project Unlonely by Jeremy Nobel

Project Unlonely
Healing Our Crisis Of Disconnection

Jeremy Nobel

Even before 2020, chronic loneliness was a private experience of profound anguish that had become a public health crisis. Since then it has reached new heights. Loneliness assumes many forms, from enduring physical isolation to feeling rejected because of difference, and it can have devastating consequences for our physical and mental health. As the founder of Project UnLonely, Jeremy Nobel unpacks our personal and national experiences of loneliness to discover its roots and to show how we can take steps to find comfort and connection.

Seek by Scott Shigeoka

How Curiosity Can Transform Your Life And Change The World

Scott Shigeoka

Blending cutting edge research with wisdom from years of grassroots community work, an internationally recognized curiosity expert and speaker takes us on a journey to understand the power of deep curiosity, which is the most potent tool we have to bridge our differences and heal relationships.

Lessons For Living by Phil Stutz

Lessons For Living
What Only Adversity Can Teach You

Phil Stutz

Profound essays that cut through the messiness of life to help you get the good from the bad—by famed therapist Phil Stutz, the New York Times bestselling co-author of The Tools and subject of the Netflix documentary Stutz.

Build The Life You Want by Arthur C Brooks, Oprah Winfrey

Build The Life You Want
The Art And Science Of Getting Happier

Arthur C Brooks, Oprah Winfrey

Offering practical research-based practices, this blueprint for a better lifenequips you with the emotional self-management tools needed for taking control of your present and future rather than hoping and waiting for your circumstances to improve.


Personal Finance and Career

Starting A Business 101 by Michele Cagan

Starting A Business 101
From Creating A Business Plan And Sticking To A Budget To Marketing And Making A Profit, Your Essential Primer To Starting A Business

Michele Cagan

This indispensable guide for those looking to start their own business provides all the essential information for overcoming any obstacle thrown in their way during the process.

Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Think And Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill’s classic guide to success and creating the life you’ve dreamed of, featuring a brand-new chapter-by-chapter reading guide and introduction.

How To Grow Your Small Business by Donald Miller

How To Grow Your Small Business
A 6-Step Plan To Help Your Business Take Off

Donald Miller

The author of the bestselling Building a StoryBrand discusses the ways that small business owners can identify and reach key customers, find and hire the best job candidates, and expand their business.

The New Bankruptcy by Cara O'Neill

The New Bankruptcy
Will It Work For You?

Cara O’Neill

Comprehensive and easy-to-navigate, this guide helps you decide which bankruptcy chapter is right for you by exploring all debt relief options, including determining whether you can resolve financial problems without bankruptcy and the pros and cons of Chapters 7 and 13.

Your Journey To Financial Freedom by Jamila Souffrant

Your Journey To Financial Freedom
A Step-By-Step Guide To Achieving Wealth And Happiness

Jamila Souffrant

The founder of Journey to Launch and the host of an award-nominated podcast of the same name offers her seasoned expertise, providing readers with the resources they need for spending and saving responsibly as they embark on a journey to financial freedom and independence.


Crafts and Hobbies

The Complete Beer Course by Joshua M Bernstein

The Complete Beer Course
From Novice To Expert In Twelve Tasting Classes

Joshua M Bernstein

First published in 2013, The Complete Beer Course has helped thousands of beer enthusiasts navigate the vast and often confusing world of beer. Bernstein is back to serve up a second round of insights. He introduces readers to must-know breweries, craft beers, and the industry’s rising stars. Each chapter is devoted to a specific beer style and teaches readers how to taste and evaluate a wide selection, especially new beers gaining popularity such as sours and nonalcoholic varieties. Additionally, readers will find up-to-date information on the pandemic’s effects on the beer world, expanded coverage of international beers, and the author’s top picks for any beer-drinking occasion. If your knowledge of IPAs is a little hazy, then this guide is for you.

Painting Calm by Inga Buividavice

Painting Calm
Connect To Nature Through The Art Of Watercolour

Inga Buividavice

Painting Calm teaches you to find your inner artist, connect to soothing nature (and your feelings), and embrace the tranquility of painting in this earthy, watercolour instruction book from nature lover, teacher and artist Inga Buividavice

Easy Knitting For Beginners by Fiona Goble

Easy Knitting For Beginners
Learn To Knit With Over 35 Simple Projects

Fiona Goble

Learn how to knit by working through these adorable projects by experienced knitter and author, Fiona Goble.

Pickleball by Mo Nard, Reine Steel, Diana Landau, Carl Landau


Mo Nard, Reine Steel, Diana Landau, Carl Landau

The game with the funny name was created in the 1960’s and is, today, the fastest growing sport in America. We take you through the hows of the game. In true Dummies fashion, the material is easy to understand and appropriate for newbies as well as advanced players. We cover it all from scoring, serving, dinking, places to play, and getting more involved in the community.

Simple Weave by Kerstin Neumuller

Simple Weave
Weave Without A Large Loom

Kerstin Neumuller

Packed with inspiration for those who have never woven but are eager to try, as well as for experienced weavers interested in working with flexible and portable tools.

How To Win At Chess: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners And Beyond by Levy Rozman

How To Win At Chess
The Ultimate Guide For Beginners And Beyond

Levy Rozman

Clever and informative, How to Win at Chess teaches you everything you need to know about the game, including all the important moves and strategies to start off strong and keep you thinking several steps ahead.

Creative Stained Glass by Noor Springael

Creative Stained Glass
17 Step-By-Step Projects For Stunning Glass Art And Gifts

Noor Springael

A beginner friendly guide to making stained glass art using the most popular and accessible method, copper foil.

Birding Basics by Noah Strycker

Birding Basics
Tips, Tools & Techniques For Great Bird-Watching

Noah Strycker

A birding expert, providing fun facts and seasoned advices, encourages readers to spread their wings as they learn about attracting birds to their backyard, mastering bird identification, using the latest technology and engaging with other birders around the world.

Foraged & Recycled Art by Clare Youngs

Foraged & Recycled Art
35 Projects Made From Found, Natural, And Repurposed Materials

Clare Youngs

With ideas for makes from gifts and stationery to homewares and decorations, this collection shows you how to craft innovative projects from foraged and upcycled materials. The 35 designs include a festive gilded leaf garland, pretty seedpod coasters, floral paper bags, and an applique wall hanging. Expert maker Clare Youngs guides you through all the techniques you’ll need, showing you how to use a wide range of materials including fabric and paper off-cuts as well as natural elements such as twigs, flowers, and pebbles. With just a few inexpensive supplies and tools to get you started, you’ll soon be making beautiful works of art and developing your creativity while being kind to the planet.


Home Economics

Sustainable Wardrobe by Sophie Benson

Sustainable Wardrobe
Practical Advice And Projects For Eco-Friendly Fashion

Sophie Benson

Sustainable Wardrobe provides a straightforward introduction to maintaining a low-waste wardrobe. Breaking down the key issues into easy-to-digest sections and over fifteen practical projects, the book teaches that small changes in habit can result in a more sustainable, eco-friendly wardrobe.

House Love by Patric Richardson, Karin Miller

House Love
A Joyful Guide To Cleaning, Organizing, And Loving The Home You’re In

Patric Richardson, Karin Miller

This follow-up to the best-selling Laundry Love: Finding Joy in a Common Chore extends the concept of infusing joy into the everyday tasks of maintaining your entire home, with design tips and ideas for DIY projects.

A Dirty Guide To A Clean Home by Melissa Dilkes Pateras

A Dirty Guide To A Clean Home
Everything You Need To Know-But Were Never Taught-About Housework

Melissa Dilkes Pateras

Whether you’re terrified of your laundry pile or have an inner handyperson who’s been longing for their moment, A Dirty Guide to a Clean Home is a joyful all-purpose guide to organizing, cleaning, laundry, repairs, and beyond.