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  1. APPLICATION: Anyone wishing to exhibit original, two-dimensional works* of art will complete the Art Exhibit Application form (on reverse side). The Library will maintain a list of artists who wish to exhibit at the Library, review applications, and select shows as needed to display a variety of artwork and to balance the exhibit schedule. Because all ages are welcome at the library, artwork must be family friendly. Priority will be given to local and Connecticut artists.
  2. SCHEDULING: The Library and the artist will determine a mutually convenient date for the exhibit and its installation. Exhibits may be scheduled up to 12 months in advance and can be 2-8 weeks in duration, depending on the needs of the Library and the artist. It is expected that most exhibits will be up for about one month. A date for a reception, if the artist wishes to hold one, should be arranged at this time.
  3. HANGING: Artists will work with Library staff to arrange and hang their exhibits. Any changes to the track system’s hanging wires must be coordinated with Library staff or building custodians. The Library may provide ladders or step stools to assist in hanging artwork. Use of ladders or step stools will be at the artist’s own risk. All artwork must have wires or other clips for hanging.
  4. SECURITY: Artwork is displayed at the owner’s risk. While the Library strives to provide adequate security, the Library assumes no responsibility for the preservation, protection, or possible damage or theft of any item exhibited.
  5. PUBLICITY: The Library will send a press release to local media. All press releases and any photographic record created by the Library may be used for whatever purpose the Library deems appropriate. Artists may prepare and distribute additional publicity for the exhibit, which should be submitted to the Library for approval. If desired, artists may organize a reception or lecture related to their exhibit, depending on the convenience and approval of the Library.**
  6. SALES: Patrons seeking information on the purchase of artwork must contact the artist directly. Artwork may not be sold on Library premises, nor is the Library in any way involved or liable in negotiations for the sale of artwork.
  7. TAKE DOWN: Artists will remove their artwork on dates agreed upon by the Library and the artist. If works are left at the Library more than 30 days after an exhibit ends, they become the property of the Library.

*The front display case may also be available for three-dimensional works depending on availably and display case guidelines. No free standing or pedestal mounted sculptures will be accepted for exhibit.

**If the artist wishes to host a reception in conjunction with the exhibit, it must be held during regular Library hours and be open to the public. Rules governing the use of the meeting room and kitchen will apply.