Library Policies

Berlin-Peck Memorial Library policies. Please contact the library with any questions.

Berlin History Room

Updated December 10, 2008

Library Board policy as of February 14, 1990, revised August 1999, revised January 10, 2001, December 10, 2008.

  1. The Berlin-Peck Memorial Library Local History room holds a special collection of materials, books, pamphlets, and newspaper clippings of Berlin people, businesses, and events.
  2. Additional resources are available at the Town Clerk’s office and the Berlin Historical Society.
  3. The following policies pertain to the special nature of the Local History room:
    • The Local History room is not a meeting room
    • Only pencils should be used in the room
    • No food or drink is allowed in the room
    • No briefcases, purses or bags are allowed in the room
  4. Please examine only one item at a time, and leave items on the table to be reshelved.
  5. Handle materials with care. These materials are unique.
  6. No items may be loaned out. All materials are kept in the room.
  7. Some materials may be photocopied (at the patron’s expense). Duplication does not constitute permission to publish. Copies are only allowed for individual research. All responsibility regarding copyright is assumed by the patron. The public will be charged fees for copies of photographs made for non-educational purposes. Since the Library retains the copyright on all Local History Room Materials the public cannot reproduce photo copies without violating the copyright.
    • A reproduction of the photograph will cost $10.00 per photograph plus reproduction fees. The library will take the photographs to be reproduced and not the public.
    • Reproducing a photograph on the Library’s photocopier will cost $5.00. In addition, copy fees are extra.
    • The public may use a digital camera or computer scanner to reproduce photographs. There will be a $5.00 fee for the use of the photograph.
  8. The Library reserves the right to inspect a patron’s personal property when leaving the room.
  9. The local history room is kept locked when not in use. The cabinets and files are kept locked.

Use of the room

  1. Patrons must request permission to use the room from the Reference staff. The sign-in book is kept in the Local History room.
  2. A library card, driver’s license, or other valid identification may be requested.
  3. The room is usually open on Wednesday mornings from 10-12. Other times can be made by appointment.