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Passport Acceptance Facility Policy

Library Board policy as of April 10, 2024.

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The Library serves as a Passport Acceptance Facility at the discretion of the Connecticut State Passport Agency. In fulfilling this role, the Library will obey all requirements set out by the United States Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs, Passport Services Directorate.

This service is offered for the benefit of patrons and the community. The Library serves as a Passport Acceptance Facility, and Library staff as Acceptance Agents, only to the extent that it does not disrupt normal Library duties and services.

The Library accepts no responsibility or liability for any damages caused by delays in the passport application process.


Library staff who are Acceptance Agents may offer advice related to passport forms, documents, payments, and other application requirements, and may reference the Passport Agent’s Reference Guide (PARG) or call the National Passport Information Center (NPIC); however, applicants are ultimately responsible for completing their parts of the application process correctly.


Passport applications are accepted by appointment only. Library staff will maintain a schedule of appointments. Patrons may make an appointment in person, by telephone, or by email.

Appointments are offered only to the extent that it does not become a burden to the Library or disrupt the normal duties of Library staff. Appointments may not be available on all dates or at all times of day.


Costs and accepted payment methods are set by the Passport Services Directorate. The only exception is the payment method for the Passport Execution Fee, which is to be paid directly to the Library as an Acceptance Facility and is limited to cash only. These payments are deposited into the Town’s General Fund to offset postage and personnel costs incurred to run the passport program.

Passport Processing

Passport applications will be accepted (or executed) only by Library staff who are authorized Acceptance Agents with up-to-date certification.

The Library is only responsible for the duties of a Passport Acceptance Facility and does not issue or influence the issuance of United States Passports. Once a passport application leaves the Library premises, the Library has no further influence on, or privileged information about, the issuance status or estimated time of delivery.

Questions and requests for information about an existing application should be directed to the Connecticut Passport Agency.