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Tutoring Policy

Library Board policy as of April 10, 2024.

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As part of its commitment to lifelong learning and personal growth, the Library allows private tutoring on its premises to the extent that it does not disrupt normal Library use.

The Library does not sponsor, promote, endorse, recommend, or assume liability for those engaged in tutoring on its premises.

Tutors using the Library’s study rooms are subject to the Library’s policies, in particular the Patron Behavior Policy, Unattended Children Policy, and Study Room Policy. No special exceptions will be made to these policies. The Library reserves the right to limit tutoring activities that interfere with Library operations.


Tutors may not publish, post, or disseminate promotional materials of any kind that identify the Library as their place of activity or imply Library sponsorship of their activities.

Tutors may not solicit patrons on the Library premises.

Children Under the Age of Twelve

As outlined in the Library’s Unattended Children Policy, children under the age of twelve (12) years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian while on Library property. If no parent or guardian is accompanying a child who is being tutored, it will be assumed that the tutor is acting in loco parentis in accordance with a parent’s wishes. At no time does the Library act in loco parentis or assume responsibility for minors left unattended.


Library staff will assist tutors and their students as they would any other patrons.

Library staff will not take or deliver messages to tutors or their students; locate tutors or students; assist in scheduling, appointments, or communications; have any involvement in fees charged by tutors using the Library; or otherwise act as an intermediary between tutors and students. Library phones may not be used for these purposes.

Tutors are responsible for checking Library hours and program schedules before making appointments with their students. All tutoring sessions must end in time for tutors and students to leave the Library before closing time.

Tutors are responsible for making reservations in advance if they wish to use a study room, per the Study Room Policy. Library staff will not ask other patrons to change their location, extend reservation times, or otherwise give special treatment for tutoring sessions.

Tutors and their students must provide their own supplies.

Tutors are responsible for the behavior of their students.