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Volunteer Policy

Library Board policy as of May 8, 2024.

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The Library welcomes volunteers who provide support that complements the work of the Library’s paid staff. Volunteers perform tasks for the benefit of the Library, at the direction of Library staff, without compensation or expectation of compensation beyond reimbursement for legitimate expenses as authorized by Library administration. Volunteers cannot perform the duties of, and shall not be used to displace, any paid employees from their positions.


Application and Selection

Individuals interested in volunteering at the Library may complete an online application form or request staff assistance in filling out the online application form.

The Library accepts volunteers with the understanding that volunteering is at the sole discretion of the Library. Volunteers are selected based on their qualifications, skills, interests, and availability. Because staff time is required to train and supervise volunteers, the Library has the discretion to accept or reject applicants based on the needs of the Library.

The Library is not required to fulfill any or all of an individual’s required hours and is not required to provide hours in time for any deadline for completion of service.


Court-Ordered Community Service

The Library may consider accepting court-ordered community service volunteers on a case-by-case basis, at the discretion of the Library Director.

Such individuals must disclose the reason they are required to provide community service. The Library will not accept volunteers who are required to provide community service due to violent offenses, harassment, or any behavior that poses a potential danger to patrons, staff, or the Library building.


Roles and Responsibilities


As representatives of the Library, volunteers must adhere to the policies and procedures of the Town and the Library, maintain the same standards of behavior expected of employees, and dress appropriately for their volunteer duties. Volunteers who interact with the public should use positive customer service approaches and defer to Library staff in the event of any conflict.

Volunteers who do not follow the Library’s policies, dress inappropriately, or exhibit inappropriate behavior will no longer be allowed to volunteer.


Confidential Information

Volunteers shall not be given access to Library records containing patron information, allowed to perform activities that could reveal confidential patron information, or given login credentials or access to the Library’s computer system.



Library managers are responsible for overseeing volunteers within their respective departments.



Volunteers may be asked to complete training or testing to ensure that they are able to perform their assigned tasks accurately.



In recognition of service, the Library may occasionally provide volunteers with non-monetary tokens of appreciation with a value no greater than $20.

Upon request, and as appropriate, the Library will provide volunteers with a letter of recommendation or confirmation of hours worked. The Library is not responsible for keeping records of volunteer hours; volunteers who need record of their volunteer work are responsible for tracking their own hours.



Both volunteers and the Library may end the volunteer relationship at any time, with no advanced notice required.

For a volunteer brought on to work on a special project, when the project finishes, the volunteer’s service will end unless other arrangements are made.

If for any reason a volunteer is unable to adequately perform their assignment, the Library will make a good faith effort to reassign them to a more suitable position. If none exists, the volunteer’s service will end.



Volunteers are scheduled to serve when adequate supervision and sufficient volunteer work is available. Schedules will be mutually agreed upon consistent with the needs of the Library.

Volunteers are responsible for arranging transportation to and from the Library for their volunteer shifts.


Shifts and Specific Hours

Volunteers who are scheduled to work a specific shift, or whose work has specific start/end times, are expected to be punctual and should contact the Library if they cannot work their scheduled shift for any reason. Volunteers who miss multiple shifts without notification may be dismissed from their volunteer duties.


Teen Volunteers

Teen volunteers must be in or entering grades seven (7) through twelve (12).

Teen volunteers should be focused on the tasks provided and will not be permitted to oversee siblings or other children during their shifts.


Volunteers for Homebound Delivery Service

Volunteers looking to assist with the Library’s Homebound Delivery service must provide a valid driver’s license and proof of automobile insurance. The Library will keep a photocopy of the driver’s license on file. Volunteers assume full responsibility for any accidents, charges, or damages that may occur while driving their own vehicles, absolving the Library of any liability.

Volunteers should be available to deliver on a regular and reliable schedule, generally once per week. Occasional interruptions are expected, but a reliable and consistent schedule is important to homebound patrons who are waiting for their delivery.