Take & Make: Paper Strip Greeting Cards

Thursday, April 7, 2022
Create two spring greeting cards using decorative strips of paper.

April 7, 2022

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Thursday, April 7
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Berlin-Peck Memorial Library
234 Kensington Road
Berlin, CT

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    Create two spring greeting cards using decorative strips of paper.

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    Supplies are limited, so place your hold as soon as possible. Once all of the kits are reserved, there will be a waiting list. If a kit is not picked up after 5 days, it will go to the next person on the list.

    Registration opens Thursday, March 31. Once you’ve placed a hold, kits will be available for pickup Thursday, April 7.

    Included in Kit

    • Decorative paper strips (24)
    • Cardstock template (2)
    • 1/2 sheet cardstock for backing (2)
    • Envelopes (2)

    Additional Supplies Needed

    • Marker, sharpie or colored pencil
    • Sharp scissors
    • Glue stick



    Step 1

    Fold your cardstock in half, with the image on the front of your card (side A). ALTERNATE: If you want to outline your shape in a color other than black, fold your cardstock template in half, with the printed side on the inside of the fold (side B). You will cut on this side and use the unprinted side as the front of your card. This also works well with the butterfly, so you can use the printed antennae on the front of your card.

    Step 2

    Poke a hole in the middle of the image with a pen or pencil. Using scissors, cut a Y shape. Continue to cut out the image, following the outer lines of the shape. Some detailed areas take precision to cut – work in small areas at a time, moving the paper rather than your scissors.

    Step 3

    When image is completely cut out, place a piece of scrap paper underneath, and use a marker or colored pencil to outline the shape (side A). This will make your final image stand out.

    Step 4

    Place the extra ½ sheet of cardstock for backing inside your folded card, lining up the edges inside the card. Use a pencil to mark some of the outside points of the image or trace the inside edge of the entire image, if desired. This will help you know where to place your decorative paper strips.

    Step 5

    Arrange your paper strips as desired on the ½ sheet of cardstock for backing. Play with the patterns and colors to create an arrangement that you like. Trim excess paper (this can also be done after you glue) and use a glue stick to adhere the strips to your backing, making sure to cover all areas that will be show through the image. You may use smaller paper strips, as shown, in small areas of your image. Check that your placement is correct by putting your backing behind the image, as needed. Continue until you’ve covered all image areas with paper strips. The completed backing page will be glued to the back side of the front of the card (side B – the side that you didn’t outline.)

    Step 6

    Apply glue to side B on all outer edges and around the cut-out image. Place your backing with paper strips facing up inside the card and close down to glue side B to the backing page. Add extra glue to any corners that need it.

    Step 7

    If desired, use extra paper strips to create a border on the front of your card.


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