Take & Make: Wine Cork Pumpkins

Thursday, October 7, 2021 — 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm
You don’t need to be an oenophile to love these little pumpkins! Choose from an in-person event or take-home kit.

October 7, 2021

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Thursday, October 7
6:30 pm to 7:30 pm
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Berlin-Peck Memorial Library
234 Kensington Road
Berlin, CT

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    You don’t need to be an oenophile to love these little pumpkins!

    Included in Kit

    • 25 wine corks
    • Paint (orange, purple, vanilla)
    • 2 Leaves
    • 7 Beads
    • Copper wire

    Additional Supplies Needed

    • Hot glue and glue gun*
    • Paint brush
    • Scrap paper

    *Please contact the library if you need to borrow a hot glue gun.

    Choose from an in-person event or take-home kit.

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    Step 1

    Sort your wine corks, selecting one for your pumpkin “stem.” Decide how many of the remaining 24 corks you want to paint in each color. The example uses 6 orange, 6 purple, 6 vanilla, and 6 unpainted, but you can vary the amount of each color according to your own taste. Decide which end of the cork will be used on the front side.

    Step 2

    Working with very little paint on the brush (almost dry), lightly paint color on the end of each cork that will be the front side.

    Step 3

    Immediately after painting, place the painted side down on scrap paper and twist to remove as much paint as desired.

    Step 4

    Set aside to dry and repeat with all corks in desired colors. If you like, you can also paint the other side of each cork, so the back side will look pretty too.

    Select 4 corks in assorted colors to form your bottom row. Use hot glue in between each cork to secure them together. Be sure to use only as much as you need so you don’t end up with any glue showing.

    Step 5

    Create the second row with 5 corks, placing them in between the corks on the bottom row and applying glue on the bottom and sides of each cork as needed.

    Step 6

    Repeat with a third row of 6 corks, a fourth row with 5 corks, and a fifth row with 4 corks. Glue remaining wine cork to the top to become the stem.

    Step 7

    String beads on one length of copper wire and fold, so that the beads form a bunch similar to a bunch of grapes. Twist the wire at the top to hold the beads in place. Feed the second piece of wire through the holes in the leaves and through the top of the piece you just formed with the beads. Twist the wire to hold all pieces together. Wrap the remaining wire ends around a paint brush handle or something similar to create a corkscrew shape. Attach entire leaf and bead piece to the top of the pumpkin using hot glue.


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