Library Policies
Exhibits, Displays, and Loans

Library Board policy as of March 14, 1990. Revised November 13, 1991; July 8, 1992; April 13, 1994; January 10, 2001.

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The Berlin-Peck Memorial Library encourages exhibits, displays and the temporary loan of materials that increase and enhance the recreational, educational and instructional needs of the community.


  1. All exhibits, displays and temporary loans will be subject to the following considerations:
    • Is it appropriate for a public library?
    • Will it benefit the Library and the community?
    • Is there Library space available to accommodate it?
    • Is there maintenance involved, and if so, how will it be funded?
  2. Permission must be obtained from the Library Director (or Assistant Director) to exhibit, loan or display items in the Library.
  3. The Library Board will be advised of all exhibits, displays, and loans.
  4. The Library shall not be responsible for insuring the item against nor be responsible to the owner for any loss or damage to the item by any means whatsoever.
  5. The Library decides the conditions of display, housing, and access to any loaned items. This policy refers to any items of which the Library has only “temporary” possession or does not have unconditional ownership. Reference should be made to the policies on Gifts (found in the Library Collection section of this Library Board Policy Manual).
  6. The Library shall not accept for exhibit or display any materials being offered for sale to the public.
  7. Display of political campaign materials is not permitted.
  8. The bulletin board and give-away table is available for Berlin area nonprofit groups and community events.