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Quaranzine #3

May 14, Colors of Spring

Quaranzine is a collection of creative works that share and document how our community is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Everyone is invited to submit their work, from age zero to eleventy-one! Submit your own work.


One child and three adults wearing face masks and bunny ears.

Samantha Sullivan, ‘An Easter I will never forget!’ Meadow was begging to see her gramma and uncle on Easter, so everyone masked up and we celebrated Quarantine style!

Poem title: TWO WORDS Poem: Expressing thank you / Close by or so far away / Carry hearts forward

Laurie DeVivo, ‘Two Words.’ I feel saying thank you at this time is universal and if we took those words for granted before, or said them as an after-thought, we shouldn’t anymore.

Rainbow artwork made with markers, leaves, and flowers.

Meadow Myska, ‘Rainbow Scavenger Hunt.’ Every day during the quarantine so mom tries to think of a different activity every day for them to do together. They went on a nature walk and found items each color of the rainbow. Ms. Martha from the Berlin Free Library gave her the idea!

Framed painting of a red barn.

Pat Swent, ‘A Little Landscape.’ A bright little landscape to cheer you. Thank goodness I have paint and brushes to keep me busy.

Tree with five large holes in the trunk.

Janice Carpenter, ‘Tree Damaged by the Pileated Woodpecker.’ The Berlin Town website offers trail maps if you would like to hike during covid. I came across this interesting tree a few yard from Chamberlain Hwy. It was damaged by a pileated woodpecker.

A woman and two childlren standing next to a balloon sign with the words THANK YOU NURSES.

Marge Frink, ‘Thank You Nurses.’ Balloon Sign.

Small bottle of alcohol, three small plastic containers, an orange, and three marshmallows on sticks.

Anonymous, ‘The New Take-Out.’ DIY take-out mixers are a strange feature of the “new normal!”

Woman wearing floral patterned face mask

Helen Malinka, ‘Face Mask Selfie.’

Woman wearing book print face mask

Anne Henriques, ‘Face Mask Selfie.’

Painting with boat and cherry tree.

Melanie Langford, ‘Spring Lake.’ Acrylic painting cherry tree.

Two boys on a hiking trail, wearing face masks.

Shreeja Joshi, ‘Hiking during COVID.’ The Marcus and Shrey being COVID-Aware and COVID-Active during hiking.

Woman with gingam face mask, glasses, and hat.

Lilian U, ‘Quarantine birthday selfie.’

Woman with Red Sox face mask.

Gail Marino, ‘Mask Selfie.’ Showing support for my beloved Red Sox!