Six Word Memoir Contest

Monday, January 1 – Wednesday, January 31, 2024
Sum up your life (or your day) in six words!

January 1, 2024

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Monday, January 1
to Wednesday, January 31, 2024
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    See you next year!

    The 2024 contest is over. We’ll see you next year!

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    Thank you to all who entered, and congrats to the winner of our second annual Six Word Memoir Contest!

    Confidence and courage strengthened through experience.


    All Participants

    Confidence and courage strengthened through experience.

    Compassionate living. Enjoying moment by moment.

    Canvas displayed life, brushstrokes of memories

    Twenty-one year marriage over. I’m flourishing.

    Shy, chaos, excitement, children, loss, lonely

    Sleepy eyes. Kaleidoscope of sunshine. Awake.

    family friends love adventures dogs Blessed

    Look Up – Butterflies & Rainbows are there

    Leaving corporate. My soul is awakening.

    Orange sunset introduces the longest day

    Stroke survivor. Beginning my life anew.

    Me. You. Heavenly Angels. Earth Angels.

    After an illness, I reinvented myself.

    A quiet series of beautiful tragedies

    Changed, but not defined by cancer.

    Six words. An author’s heart opens.

    Hopfully aged well, like fine wine

    Boy mom, they’ll carry me someday

    Give love and kindness every Day?

    Hmm. I, uh… errr, yeah. Hrm…

    Writing is falling in love again

    My life. Doc film. By Maysles?

    A legend in my own lunchtime.

    An organ donor saved my life.

    I peed in my car ashtray…..

    Test me. Thou shall not pass.

    I felt her as a ghost…….

    My Mother Never Sang To Me

    I’m shy, but not on stage.



    Sum up your life (or your day) in six words!

    Whether it’s a tale of triumph or a comedy of errors, every miniature memoir is a tiny window into someone’s life.

    So gather your thoughts, sharpen your wit, and boil down your existence into just six little words. Who knows? You just might find yourself a winner in this bite-sized literary showdown. We invite you to create and share your own Six-Word Memoir with us during the month of January. You can enter as many memoirs as you like, as long as they are original and six words long.

    Memoirs will be shared anonymously in our display case. All participants will receive a personalized bookmark with their memoir.

    “I’m books. And SO much more.”

    Berlin-Peck Memorial Library’s Six Word Memoir

    “Scoop. Brew. Pour. Sip. Smile. Ahhhh.”

    Michelle Hix

    “Recipe for failure. Changed my ingredients.”

    Antonee Boykin

    For more inspiration, check out our previous years: 2023

    Six-Word Memoirs® were created by Larry Smith, the founder of SMITH Magazine, in 2006 and are “a simple, creative way to get to the essence of anything—from the breaking news of the day to your own life and the way you live it.”



    Compose an original memoir in only six words.

    Submission deadline is January 31.

    The winner will be announced February 7.

    1. Participants must have a library card.
    2. Ages 14 through adult can participate.
    3. Entries must be submitted by the deadline of January 31.
    4. Submissions will be judged by a blind review panel.
    5. Participants may submit multiple entries but can only win one prize.
    6. Submissions must be six words in length.
    7. Subject matter must be appropriate for display in the Library and on Library social media. We will reach out to you if there are any concerns.



    Every participant will receive a custom bookmark with their best memoir illustrated with a photo or artwork. Multiple entries are allowed, but each participant will receive one bookmark.

    The winner will be announced on February 7.




    Online registration is not currently available. Please contact the library with any questions.

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