Library Contests

Six Word Memoir Contest

Writing the story of your life could take years—but what about writing a truth about yourself or an experience in your life… using only six words?

Compose your life story, or the story of an experience, in only six words.

January 2024 See Winner
January 2023 See Winner


First Line Contest

Ursula K. Le Guin once said: “First sentences are doors to worlds.” Here’s your chance to write your own!

Compose your best opening line to an imaginary novel.

February 2024 See Winner
February 2023 See Winner
February 2022 See Winner


Poetry Contest

Stretch those creative muscles and express yourself with a poem!

Compose a poem.

April 2024
April 2022 See Winner


Two-Sentence Horror Story

We celebrate October (the spookiest month of the year) with a horror story contest!

Compose your own original horror story—in only two sentences.

October 2024
October 2023 See Winner
October 2022 See Winner


Gingerbread House Contest

Build a house made of edible materials and icing!

All ages are welcome to participate. To keep things fun and fair, we have a separate category for children.

December 2023 See Winner
December 2022 See Winner
December 2021 See Winner
December 2020 See Winner