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Take & Make: Origami Gift Card Holders

December 3, 2020

Thursday, December 3
to Sunday, January 3

Available for curbside pickup starting December 3.

Are you giving gift cards this holiday season? Give your gift a thoughtful touch by delivering it in this origami holder complete with matching ribbon.

Kit includes supplies for two holders, one holiday and one generic. Paper patterns will vary.

Included in Kit:

  • Decorative Paper (1 holiday and 1 neutral)
  • Ribbon (2)

Instructions Request Kit—COMING SOON

Request a kit online or call 860-828-7126.



Step 1

Begin with an 8 ½” x 11″ piece of decorative paper or wrapping paper.

Step 2

Fold paper in half vertically. Unfold so that the wrong side of the paper (blank side OR design that will be on the inside of the envelope) is facing up.

Step 3

Fold both sides into the middle. Make sure that edges meet precisely in the middle, as this will show on the outside of your holder.

Step 4

Open your paper. Fold each corner down, so it meets the fold line you created in step 3.

Step 5

With corners now folded down, fold sides in the meet the middle again, just like in Step 3.

Turn over, so that you see this side.

Step 6

Fold your envelope in half, horizontally. The sides with the corners folded down are now on the outside. Unfold.

Step 7

Fold the top edge down to meet the middle fold line you just created. Crease.

Step 8

Fold bottom edge to the middle and just slightly above where top edge ends. Tuck this side just inside the side folded from the top.

Close-up of final fold. Yellow line marks where the edge of the bottom side ends, once it’s folded up into the middle and tucked inside the top half. Bottom corners tuck inside the top corners as shown by the red lines.

Step 9

Fold entire piece in half, enclose gift card, and tie closed with ribbon.


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