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Monday, June 1 – Monday, August 31
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Teen Scratch Ticket Challenge

Wednesday, June 17 – Saturday, August 15

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Wednesday, June 17 – Saturday, August 15

Adult Summer Reading

Wednesday, June 17 – Friday, August 28

Grab & Go Activity Kit: Egg Shakers

Tuesday, June 30 – Monday, July 6
12:00 am to 10:00 am

Grab & Go Activity Kit: Summertime Bingo!

Tuesday, June 30 – Monday, July 6
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News & Info

  • June 30, 2020

    Do you ever feel overlooked? Well, some of our books definitely do! These haven’t been checked out in a while, but we still think they’re worth reading. Won’t you give them a chance?

  • June 29, 2020

    The library’s lobby will be opening for limited service starting July 6, including 20-minute express computer, printing, copier, restrooms, and public computers (by reservation, 1 hour per day). Curbside Pickup is still available—and encouraged!

  • June 23, 2020

    We know that many families are missing being able to browse our shelves for children’s books, so the Berlin-Peck Memorial Library has introduced Book Bundles! Simply fill out a form and the Children’s Department staff will choose 3-5 books (depending on the category) for your child.

  • Do you ever feel overlooked? Well, some of our books definitely do! These haven’t been checked out in a while, but we still think they’re worth reading. Won’t you give them a chance?

  • June 18, 2020

    By now, you have noticed that the Library did not re-open on June 17th in Phase 2. Learn more about the factors that need to be addressed before the library building can reopen to the public.

New Books
.Deacon King Kong .
.Braiding Sweetgrass .
.Brown Album .
.Camino Winds.
.The House of Kennedy.
.What Science Tells Us About Autism Spectrum Dis....
.Disability Visibility .
.The Kid-friendly ADHD & Autism Cookbook .
.Life in the Fasting Lane .
.Destination Wedding .
.Empty .
.Game of Dog Bones.
.Everyone Knows How Much I Love You .
.Shadow Fall.
.The Angel of the Crows.
.The Next Great Migration .
.Red Sky over Hawaii.
.The Dragons, the Giant, the Women .
.Democracy in One Book or Less .
.500 Miles from You .
.Coming Home to Yourself .
.Rebel Chef .
.The Lehman Trilogy .
.Seven Years of Darkness.
.The Bitter and Sweet of Cherry Season .
.Restorative Yoga .
.Our Time is Now .
.The Toni Morrison Book Club.
.That Cheese Plate Will Change Your Life .
.Beach Read.
.I Don
.The Holdout .
.Love in the Blitz .
.Fair Warning.
.A Taste of Sage .
.Every Drop of Blood .
.Joy Bauer
.Sharks in the Time of Saviors.
.Daughter of the Boycott .
.Notes from an Apocalypse .
.Good Morning, Destroyer of Men
.Man of My Time.
.Boys of Alabama.
.The Book of Eels .
.Who Ate the First Oyster? .
.The Inevitability of Tragedy .
.The Other Bennet Sister .
.The Poison Flood.
.Silence on Cold River.
.What We Carry .
.East Coast Girls.
.The Lightness .
.The Girl from Widow Hills .
.Firing Point.
.The Grim Reader .
.Remain Silent.
.Exercise of Power .
.GED Test Prep.
.Out of Body.
.The Kingdom of Liars .
.Who Did You Tell? .
.The Ultimate Scholarship Book 2021 .
.Hold On, but Don
.Four by Four.
.Sisters and Secrets .
.How the Penguins Saved Veronica.
.The Index of Self-destructive Acts .
.Honey and Venom .
.The Choice.
.The New One .
.Riviera Gold .
.Hollywood Park .
.The Lincoln Conspiracy .
.Salt River.
.Stranger in the Lake.
.The Operator .
.The Opposite of Fate.
.Truths I Never Told You.
.Night. Sleep. Death. The Stars. .
.28 Summers .
.The Summer House.
.The 20th Victim.
.Dirty, Lazy, Keto .
.The Ultimate Retirement Guide for 50+ .
.The Antidote for Everything.
.Nothing Can Hurt You .
.The Margot Affair .
.The Mountains Wild.
.The Small Business Start-up Kit .
.The Inner Work of Racial Justice .
.Absalom, Absalom! .
.Girls of Summer .
.The Guest List .
.The Last Trial.
.Pretty Things .
.Summer Darlings.
.The Wedding Dress .
.The Chiffon Trenches .
.One Mighty and Irresistible Tide .
.The Obsidian Tower.
.Perfectly Famous.
.Walk the Wire.
.Humankind .
.The Deviant
.The Distant Dead .
.So You
.The Half Sister.
.24 .
.The Hardest Job in the World .
.Last Tang Standing.
.Fire in Paradise .
.A Tender Thing.
.Exciting Times .
.Party of Two.
.Eliza Starts a Rumor.
.Personality Isn
.If I Had Your Face .
.The Upside of Being Down .
.Seven Lies.
.A Burning.
.The Book of Rosy .
.The Crystal Cave Trilogy.
.Old Lovegood Girls .
.The Water Keeper.
.And then They Stopped Talking to Me .
.The Lost Memoir.
.The Imperfects.
.The Hilarious World of Depression.
.Dirt .
.Summer Longing.
.Brave Girl, Quiet Girl .
.Team of Five .
.The Seaside Cafe.
.On a Coastal Breeze.
.Death by Shakespeare .
.The Batch Lady .
.The Louvre .
.Love on Beach Avenue.
.A Children
.Creative Care .
.Unveiling the Past .
.Breakfast at the Honey Creek Café.
.The Banty House.
.Galileo and the Science Deniers.
.The Second Chance Boutique .
.The Book of Second Chances.
.GRE Prep 2021.
.The Somerset Girls.
.Teach Yourself Visually MacBook Pro and MacBook....
.Chromebook for Dummies.
.IPad for Seniors for Dummies®.
.Fiber Fueled .
.Fear of Missing out .
.Expectation .
.After Sundown .
.The Future We Choose .
.Tranquility Falls.
.Fresh from Poland .
.Let the People Pick the President .
.The Sunday Potluck Club.
.The Splendid and the Vile .
.To the Edge of Sorrow .
.Smoke Bitten.
.No Ordinary Dog .
.Savage Son .
.The Astonishing Life of August March .
.Death of an American Beauty.
.Administrations of Lunacy .
.Why We Swim.
.Fortitude .
.Death on Tuckernuck.
.Godshot .
.Who Speaks for the Damned.
.The Silent Treatment .
.The Glass Magician.
.In Deep .
.Acting with Power .
.Leave Only Footprints.
.Kept Animals .
.Exile Music.
.The Trustworthy One.
.Hadley Beckett
.Shorefall .
.Take Me Apart.
.My Wife Said You May Want to Marry Me .
.Medical Medium Cleanse to Heal .
.The New Girl .
.The Prettiest Star.
.Happy & You Know It.
.Stealing Thunder.
.All My Mother
.Stray .
.The Vanishing Half.
.Catherine House .
.The Voyage of the Morning Light .
.The Mist.
.Mrs. Mohr Goes Missing.
.No Filter .
.Perfect Tunes .
.This is Big .
.Becoming Wild .
.Not That Kind of Guy.
.Think Like a Rocket Scientist .
.A Shadow Intelligence.
.Yogi .
.The Buy Nothing, Get Everything Plan .
.The Year 1000 .
.The Address Book .
.No Going Back .
.My Mother
.The Wedding War.
.The Ingredients of You and Me.
.Network Effect.
.Where the Lost Wander .
.The Heirloom Garden.
.Love Poems .
.The Tourist Attraction.
.The Diva Spices It Up.
.Family for Beginners.
.Island Affair.
.The Boy Who Followed His Father into Auschwitz .
.The Second Home.
.Recipe for Persuasion .
.These Women .
.The Bright Side of Going Dark.
.Safe .
.Countdown 1945 .
.Devolution .
.The Last Flight .
.The Giver of Stars.
.A Good Neighborhood.
.Hello, Summer.
.Hit List.
New Large Print Books
.This is How I Lied.
.Many Rivers to Cross.
.Long Bright River.
.Mr. Nobody .
.Follow Me.
.Seeing Darkness.
.The Guest Book.
.One Minute out.
.The Summer Retreat.
.Hunter Killer.
.The Museum of Desire.
.The Vanishing.
.Good Girls Lie.
.All the Ways We Said Goodbye .
.Someone to Remember.
.Cut and Run.
.The Wives.
.Brewed Awakening.
.Almost Just Friends .
.Valentine .
.Perfect Little Children.
.The Big Finish.
.A Good Marriage .
.Alone in the Wild.
.One Perfect Summer.
.Sunrise on Half Moon Bay.
.Little Secrets.
.Hell and Other Destinations .
.Conversations with RBG .
.Maximize Your Medicare .
.Molly .
.The Love Story of Missy Carmichael.
.In the Shadow of Vesuvius.
.Tell Me No Lies.
.Broken .
.The Paris Orphan.
.Darling Rose Gold.
.The Wild One.
.Dirt .
.Fair Warning.
.Masked Prey.

Thank you so much for all you do. My son loves coming to the library!

— Parent of a young patron, at the Lobster Roll and Strawberry Shortcake Festival