Spice It Up!

Try out a new spice each month! Kits includes one spice, recipes, and an information sheet on the spice.

Current Kits

Available while supplies last. Click on a kit for more information.

Spice It Up! Garam Masala

Wednesday, October 20 – Monday, October 31

Spice It Up! Juniper Berry

Wednesday, September 15 – Friday, September 30


Past Kits

That’s all, folks!

Spice it up! Za’atar

Wednesday, August 18

Spice It Up! Harissa

Wednesday, July 14

Spice It Up! Smoked Paprika

Wednesday, June 9

Spice It Up! Lavender

Wednesday, May 12

Spice It Up! Star Anise

Wednesday, April 14

Spice It Up! Caraway

Wednesday, March 3

Spice It Up! Cardamom

Wednesday, February 3

Spice It Up! Cinnamon

Wednesday, January 6