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Fun, useful, and interesting websites to help you relax, learn, create, and practice your computer skills.


Start doodling and the Artificial Intelligence (AI) suggestion tool will guess what you’re drawing and recommend similar drawings.

All the creativity of Lego, none of the stepping-on-Lego pain. Drag and paint simple cubes to create 3D art.

Weave Silk
Draw relaxing computer-generated “silk” or “smoke.”



American Masters
Explore unreleased interviews filmed for past American Masters documentaries: 1000+ records and counting from more than 40 episodes in the series’ history. Browse now for rare interviews with musicians, filmmakers, artists, historians, writers, comedians, journalists and more. Some figures in the collection include David Bowie, Patti Smith, Herbie Hancock, Gloria Steinem, Mike Nichols, Mel Brooks, Carol Burnett, Walter Cronkite, Don Rickles and Maya Angelou.

Watch YouTube videos that have almost zero previous views, that are unnamed, unedited, and unseen (by anyone but you).

Napflix is a parody video platform where you can find the most silent and sleepy YouTube videos to relax your brain and easily fall asleep.

Short Trip
Take a walk through beautifully illustrated graphite landscape.



Find the Invisible Cow
A point-and-click game of “hot and cold” that asks you to find and click on an invisible cow.



Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction
This work-in-progress is a comprehensive quotation-based dictionary of the language of science fiction.

You’re Getting Old!
A celebration of your life so far, with interesting statistics based on your birthday. See your age in days, breaths, moon orbits, and total number of candles (on ALL your cakes!) plus events that happened during your life.


Music & Sound

Conserve the Sound
Conserve the Sound is an online museum for vanishing and endangered sounds. The sound of a dial telephone, a walkman, a analog typewriter, a pay phone, a 56k modem, a nuclear power plant or even a cell phone keypad are partially already gone or are about to disappear from our daily life.

Creative Beats!
A mini drum machine that lets you create your own beats. Just tap any of the squares to turn the beats on or off.

Noises Online
A high-quality background noise generator that lets you pick and mix sounds from the ocean, streams, waterfalls, rain, thunder, wind, birds, frogs, fire, coffee houses, wind chimes, and more.

Radio Garden
Find and enjoy radio stations from all over the world using Radio Garden’s world map.



Smithsonian Open Access
Download, share, and reuse millions of the Smithsonian’s images—right now, without asking. With new platforms and tools, you have easier access to more than 3 million 2D and 3D digital items from our collections—with many more to come. This includes images and data from across the Smithsonian’s 19 museums, nine research centers, libraries, archives, and the National Zoo.


Social Media

TweetBeaver can gather data on any non-private account. See lists of common followers or friends between two accounts, conversations between two users, and more.

TwXplorer helps you understand what people are talking about on Twitter. Simply search for a word or phrase and twXplorer automatically shows you the most commonly used words and hashtags and the mostly frequently shared links. Explore the results by filtering terms from your original query. Designed as a tool for researchers and journalists, you can save your results as a “snapshot” for later review.



An artificial intelligence dedicated to generating unique inspirational quotes.

Please note: InspiroBot is not moderated or filtered. Some content may not be suitable for minors.