Useful Websites
Legal Resources

Berlin-Peck librarians curate these lists with you in mind! These websites are free to use, but some may include advertisements or paid options.

Legal Resources

Resources for legal aid in Connecticut.

State and Federal Courts

United States Courts
Information about U.S. Federal Courts, judges, services and forms, court records, statistics, rules, and more.

State of Connecticut Judicial Branch
Information on legal matters, Connecticut State courts, attorneys, jury, and more.


Lawyers and Legal Advice

Attorney/Firm Lookup
A database of attorneys and law firms; shows the licensing and disciplinary history for each attorney. From the Judicial Branch.

American Bar Association
Programs and assistance from the American Bar Associations.
Legal guides and free legal help for people with very low income.

Connecticut Legal Rights Project
Legal services for low income Connecticut residents with mental health conditions.
Plain-language legal information for victims of abuse.

Connecticut Veterans Legal Center
A medical-legal partnership that works with veterans in treatment recovering from mental health issues, substance abuse, or homelessness.

Immigration Advocates Network
Training, news, and immigration assistance directory.


Case Look-Up

Civil and Family Cases
This page links to several databases that allow searching of civil and family cases. Cases can be searched by party name, docket number, attorney or firm juris number, or, for eviction and foreclosure cases, property address.

Criminal and Motor Vehicle Cases
This page links to several databases that allow searching of criminal and motor vehicle cases. Convictions and pending cases can be searched by defendant or by docket number; dockets can be searched by court or by defendant. Conviction information is generally kept online for no more than 10 years; see details at the bottom of the page.

Supreme and Appellate Court Cases
This page links to several databases that allow searching of Supreme and Appellate Court cases filed from 1991 to the present. Cases can be searched by case name, party name, Supreme or Appellate Court docket number, trial court docket number, or attorney.



Department of Correction: Inmate Information Search
This database includes information about individual inmates, such as current location, bond amount, and maximum sentence. Unlike many states, Connecticut’s Dept. of Correction holds not only people who have been convicted of a crime, but people awaiting trial; therefore, not all inmates in this database have been convicted of a crime.

Sex Offender Registry
Searchable by name or geographical area. Records include photograph, date of birth, description of the offense, conviction date, and more. From the State Police.